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How to Get Free ML Rare Fragments, Here's the Info -

Rare Fragments ML

How to Get ML Rare Fragments – There are many items that can be found when playing mobile legends games. To be able to have a collection of premium class items, players must make a purchase. Because not all items can be obtained for free. To purchase these items, diamonds are needed. Besides using diamonds, there are other ways to buy skin items in this game.

The trick is to use fragments. Fragments themselves are divided into several types, namely hero fragments, premium fragments, and rare fragments. What will be discussed this time is about How to Get ML Rare Fragments for free. Curious about the details? Check out the explanation of this article.

Getting to Know Mobile Legends Rare Fragments

Before discussing rare fragments, we will also briefly explain about fragments. In the ml game there is an item called fragment. These items can be exchanged for skin items in the game. So if you have fragments, you can buy skins without the need to remove diamonds. The types of skins that can be purchased using this item fragment are limited. For this type of hero fragment can be used to buy heroes. Then premium fragments can be used to buy premium skin types. Meanwhile, rare fragments can be used to buy rare items or rare skins.

Every month the list of skins that can be purchased using this fragment item will be updated by moonton. Until now, more and more lists of skins that can be purchased using this item. That’s why the ml player tries to collect a lot of fragments. Especially rare fragments, the goal is of course to get rare skins. To purchase skins using these items, you must use the Fragment Shop feature. About the methods and conditions, you can directly check the feature.

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How to Get the Latest Free ML Rare Fragments

To get rare fragments in ml games, there are several ways you can do it. Starting from subscribing to weekly or monthly bundle ml, buying starlight member packages, participating in new item events, and others from all these effective ways, on average you have to spend diamonds or not free. Even though some players choose to use fragments in the hope of saving diamonds. If you use the method above, you still have to remove the diamond. For this reason, this time we will share a number of tricks to get ml rare fragments for free.

  • Collecting mobile legends tickets: The first way is to collect a lot of mobile legends tickets. The more ml tickets you have, the higher the chance to have a lot of rare fragments.
  • Doing a lucky draw: Doing a lucky draw is also an effective way to get rare fragments. When you draw, aim for the skin prizes you already have. This is a trick to get rare fragments.
  • Join the Magic Wheel: The next method is almost the same as the lucky spin, only this time is to draw on the magic wheel feature. Reportedly, this method is quite effective in making players win a number of rare fragments.
  • Complete New Hero Missions: The final way is to complete new hero missions. By participating in missions related to new heroes, players have a high chance of winning rare fragment prizes.

That’s some How to Get ML Rare Fragments for free. With the method above, you can get the rare skin you want. So that can be discussed this time, hopefully useful and good luck. See you in the next article.

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