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How to Get Free Elite Skins for Mobile Legends Cool

How to Get Free Elite Skins

How to Get Free Elite Skins – Mobile Legends is a very successful moba game in Indonesia. The popularity of this game is very high in the country. Based on data from well-known analyst companies, the highest number of mobile legends downloads in Asia is from Indonesia. This is proof that ml has become a very popular game by local gamers.

In the mobile legends game, of course, as a player, you want to have a collection of epic and elite skins. These skins can affect the visuals so they look cooler. In connection with these skins, this article will share interesting info on How to Get Free Elite Skins for cool mobile legends. Certainly curious right? If so, check it out below.

How to Get Free Elite Skins in Mobile Legends

To be able to get epic skins in the mobile legends game, it’s actually quite easy. That is by buying using diamonds. This means that by having a lot of diamonds, you can easily get epic skins. However, many ml fans have a minimal budget. To overcome this, here are some surefire ways to get the elite mobile legends skin for free.

  1. Join the Moonton Official Event

The first way that can be done is to join the official event held by Moonton. Moonton is a mobile legends game developer, which periodically holds events for fans. At the event, of course, various prizes have been prepared, one of which is an epic skin. To get the epic skin, players must be able to complete the event mission correctly. Then, only then can you get the epic skin. Some examples of moonton events that provide epic skin prizes are the special skin draw event for Chinese New Year on February 13, then the MPL viewing event, and many other events.

  1. Join the Moonton Web Event

In addition to official events, Moonton also often holds web events. Web events are also still related to games. However, the only way to participate is by accessing the official web event. On the web event there are also many free gifts that can be obtained, including premium epic skins. So don’t ever miss to participate in official events and the Moonton web event. Therefore, it is an opportunity to get a free item gift.

  1. Join Lucky Spin and Lucky Game Fragment

The next way is to join lucky spin. As the name suggests, by using this feature, players can spin and if lucky, they can get permanent skin prizes. In addition, you can also participate in the lucky game fragment feature. In this feature there is also a permanent skin prize. Of course the lucky game fragment is also influenced by luck.

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  1. Enter Giveaway

The next way is to enter the giveaway. There are many types of giveaways that give prizes in the form of epic skins. You can join the giveaway on YouTube, Instagram, or the receipt giveaway held by Moonton. The most profitable thing is to participate in an official giveaway from Moonton. This is because, the prizes given are not half-hearted, namely the latest epic skins. For example, the new year giveaway that was just held by Moonton last month. The list of prizes is fantastic, namely limited epic skins, epic skins, and elite skins.

That was an interesting article about How to Get Free Elite Skins for cool mobile legends. Hopefully by using the methods above, it can make it easier for you to get the pic ml skin. Good luck and good luck. That’s it for this article.

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