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How to find UZI FF weapons, here's the interesting info -

UZI FF Weapons

How to Find UZI FF Weapons – Free fire is a game that has an action genre. In this game Weapons have a very important role to weaken and also kill the enemy. the weapons found later are very diverse with different killing powers. So players must be able to use it in situations where it is needed. Free fire will bring its new weapon, the UZI. The presence of these weapons is certainly the most awaited for players because the game will be more interesting. But it is not known for sure when the weapon will appear in this game. Based on the information above, the discussion in this article is How to Find UZI FF Weapons. If you want to know more, check it out below.

Getting to Know UZI FF Weapons

The UZI weapon is the newest weapon to be released by free fire on June 8, 2021. Which Garena will make this weapon permanent in its gameplay. Advance server users know that this weapon has been tested in May – June by the Advance server and will be officially released on the normal server on June 8. You can immediately use it after the weapon has been updated. Secondary weapons are a type of UZI weapon in the form of a pistol, which has 18 bullets with a high fire rate and a reload magazine. As for its weakness, it cannot reach too broadly so it must approach the enemy on the battlefield. Before entering the 8th, it would be nice for the player or players to learn UZI weapons to make it easier when playing the game.

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How to Find UZI FF Weapons

  1. Loot/Loot in BR Mode

When you get off the plane and parachuted to a place, then you will find buildings both houses and large buildings. After you enter the house / building, look for a UZI weapon in the form of a gun in it. If you can’t find it, look elsewhere until you get one. Inside the building or house there are not only UZI weapons, but various weapons, personal protection and drinks.

  1. The Enemy Who Gets Shot And Dies

Dead enemies will leave the bag he used. The bag will turn into a green light. When you see the light then hurry to take what’s inside, especially the UZI gun.

  1. Blue Zone

This zone is a great opportunity for you UZI weapons seekers. Because this weapon will be found in that zone. But you have to make the best use of your time so you don’t waste your life in this zone.

  1. Clash Squad Mod

In addition to taking weapons directly in battle, you can also get them easily through the UZI weapon purchase method at the beginning of the battle.

How to Use UZI FF Weapons

After knowing how to find UZI weapons, of course you also have to know how to use them to make it easier to fight enemies. Below is how to use it.

  1. Collect all the weapons you find in Looting to avoid enemy attacks if you don’t find UZI weapons.
  2. UZI doesn’t have a lot of magazines, so you have to have a lot of ammunition stock so you don’t run out of bullets when fighting enemies.
  3. When the enemy is at close range, then this weapon is very good to use.

So that’s the information that we present to you about How to Find UZI FF Weapons. for the next article we will provide a lot of information related to Free Fire and other exciting games. So keep an eye on our article. See you later

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