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How to Download the Easiest Paid PC Game, Get It Here -

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Do you want to download PC games in the easiest way? Exactly for you gamers who want to download games on a PC without wanting to be complicated. In this article, I will explain how to download it to help you beginner gamers who want to download it on a PC. Read this article carefully so that you can download the game for your computer device. After reading it, of course you also have to practice what you already know from reading this article if you really understand, if you don’t understand it well then read it again. Here’s how to download it.

Download Via Steam

For you, novice gamers, you should know what Steam is. Steam is a PC game download application specifically for computers whose function is to download, login and buy games. It’s very easy to buy games on Steam, if you want a paid game.

You must have a credit card to be able to pay it, by:

  1. Make sure your balance is enough to buy the game you want, first look at the list of games on Steam, see the price, then fill in the balance according to the price.
  2. Sign in to Steam using your Steam account and search for the game you want to download.
  3. Click the game and then click the nominal price to buy.
  4. Then you enter your credit card correctly according to the instructions on Steam.
  5. After you buy it then you download it via Steam.
  6. After successfully downloading, you click my games and play the game.

There is a second way for you gamers who want to buy on Steam. In the same way. However, you have to change the payment method to Steam Wallet. This method is also very easy, you just need to buy a balance to the nearest Indomaret or Alfamart so you can buy games on Steam.

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Download via Windows Store

For you gamers, you can also download PC games through the Windows store. How to? Here are the steps to download games on Windows store.

  1. First, you must have a computer device that already has Windows 10 first
  2. After you use Windows 10 then you open Windows 10 earlier.
  3. After you there will be a menu that is Windows store.
  4. If you have found the Windows store, the next step you can do is to associate your account with the Windows store.
  5. If your account is already linked to the windows store, then you can click on the search with the game format you want to play or buy later.
  6. If you have been looking for the game that you returned, of course there is a nominal game value that has been determined by the developer.
  7. Here you will use a very easy way to buy, namely by first filling your credit balance to buy the game. Give credit according to the price of the game you are going to play
  8. After you make a purchase with credit, the game will automatically download with the network you currently have.
  9. If the game has been downloaded then login with your account and then play the game.

That was how to download paid PC games in an easy way. For you, novice gamers, read carefully this article so that it is easier for you to download the game you want on your computer, make sure you understand so that you are not disappointed after buying the game. It’s quite easy, not how to download it on a computer. By using a credit card or credit you can pay for games easily. Make sure you download it if you are interested in the game.

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