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How to Create a New Mi Account (Xiaomi) Easily

Usually to use a Xiaomi smartphone, you must use an MI account so that it is easier to connect with various things. Because it is really needed for the future.

How to Create a New Mi Account (Xiaomi)

Now in this post, Babang will share a little tutorial on how to create a mi account or what is often called an MI account or MI Cloud. You need to know that MI and MI Cloud accounts are actually the same, just different terms.

If you already have a xiaomi account or an MI account, you can do various things, including being able to log in to MI Cloud, MI Talk, MI Market, MI Forum and others.

How to Create a New MI Account

How to Create a New Mi Account (Xiaomi)

Actually creating a Xiaomi account or MI account is very easy in just a few minutes you can have it. To create a Xiaomi account or MI account, there are two ways to register a mi account.

Namely, you can create a Xiaomi account directly from the settings on your Xiaomi smartphone or create it through the official Xiaomi website. For more details, let’s just follow the tutorial below, how to easily create a mi account.

How to Create an MI Account on a Xiaomi Android Phone

  1. To create an MI account using a Xiaomi smartphone, you can go to Settings (Settings).
  2. After that select Account, then choose MI account.
  3. Next select Create Account.
  4. Here you can create this account using 2 options. That is wearing mobile number, or use email. At this time Babang wants to use email so click Use email address.
  5. Next enter e-mail and password for your MI account, then click Create account.
  6. Then try open email You guys, because Xiaomi will send you an activation account in a few seconds.
  7. Run activation with a click Activation account in the email that has been sent.
  8. If it’s been activated, please login on the MI account that you created earlier.

Note: if you register for a mi account using a phone number, sometimes there are some problems, one of which is that Xiaomi does not send a verification code to the registered phone number.

How to Create MI Account via Xiaomi Official Site

Next we can also create a mi account via the website, where the site is the official site of xiaomi which is specifically for creating mi accounts.

  1. First, to create an MI account via the official website, please, you guys go to Xiaomi official site [DISINI].
  2. After that enter the cellphone number you want to register and enter the captcha code, if you want to use email click the button Use email address. Here, Babang will use email to register.
  3. Next please enter email you in the column provided. After that click Create MI Account.
  4. Then enter the password for your MI account. Do not forget to enter captcha code which is visible after that click send.
  5. If you have, please check the email that was registered earlier, then click Account activation.

Note: when you register for an MI account through the official website, sometimes errors always occur, such as email activation that doesn’t come in or verification code doesn’t send.

How to Register Mi Account

In this step you can also register a new mi account via an android phone and laptop computer, by making it online without any application. Here’s how to register a new mi account.

1. Visit the Site

To register and create a xiaomi account you can try it through the official Xiaomi website that you visit, but you can also register a Mi account directly via your xiaomi smartphone. [DAFTAR DISINI]

2. Fill out the form

You can go to Settings, then select Mi Account, after that please press “Create New Account” or “Create An Account”.

You can use an email address or you can also use a number to register. Here Babang will create using email. Please enter your email after that click “Create Mi Account”.

3. Confirm Password

After you enter your email address, also enter the password or password as you wish, then repeat once again. After you fill in these things, please press “Submit”.

4. Requesting Activation Code

After that, please click on “Check Your Mailbox”, where later you will be directed to open your email to verify and get a code from xiaomi.

5. Activate

After you check your email, open an email from xiaomi and click “Activate Account” to activate the account you created.

6. Login

Now that you have successfully created your Mi account, you will get a Xiaomi Account ID. Please click Sign In to continue to open your Mi account and navigate to your Mi account Dashboard. Please add a number to optimize the account.

7. Add Mobile Number

Please enter your country (Indonesia), after that also enter your cellphone number and enter the existing code, then click “Next”.

8. SMS Verification

After that, please enter the verification code sent to your number via SMS. After you enter the code, click “Ok”.

9. Success in Verification

Congratulations, your Mi Account is now 100% active. Currently you can return to your Mi account Dashboard by clicking “Back To Account”

Because here Babang creates a Mi account via a computer, so the xiaomi smartphone has not logged into the account. To log in you can do it via Mi Account Settings, please login using your email and password that you created earlier on the computer.

The final word

So that’s the tutorial on how to create a Mi or Mi Cloud account, by doing the above method you can do it on a cellphone, on a laptop or on a computer as long as the device is connected to the internet.

If you have created a Mi account but forgot the password, please read How to Restore MI Account.

So many articles this time, hopefully useful and good luck!

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