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How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP

If you want to buy a Xiaomi cellphone, both new and second, before buying, make sure the item is genuine or fake (softcopy, hardcopy, etc).

Knowing smartphone Genuine or fake Xiaomi is of course very easy, so if you don’t know how to check Xiaomi, in this article Babang will explain how to easily check for genuine or fake Xiaomi cellphones.

As you know that Xiaomi is a smartphone which is quite popular in Indonesia besides being affordable, it also has pretty good specifications so that in Indonesia there are a lot of hardline Mi Fans (Xiaomi HP fans).

Because it is so in demand in Indonesia, it is undeniable that this smartphone also contains counterfeit products. Because of this, Xiaomi itself is also trying to eradicate counterfeit products. Unfortunately, even though it has been eradicated, the fake products are still circulating.

Well, to avoid it please do the following steps

How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP

Especially for Xiaomi cellphones, there are many ways to verify a product smartphone is the original product or not. Here’s How to Check Original or fake Xiaomi cellphones.

1. Xiaomi Verification Method

How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP
Xiaomi Verification Method

To support the suppression of the spread of counterfeit products, Xiaomi launched a special tool to verify whether a product is genuine or fake, namely the Xiaomi Verification Method.

You can download this application via the Mi Store. But unfortunately, some users say that the Xiaomi Verification Method still has many bugs.

Generally, this tool will crash when the user wants to check the Xiaomi smartphone used is a genuine product or not.

2. Check Via IMEI

How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP
Check via IMEI

Fake products from Xiaomi will generally also include the IMEI, but the number is only a formality or fake.

Here’s how to check the original or fake Xiaomi cellphone with IMEI:

  1. First, open the call menu
  2. After that type the number *#06# then press call.
  3. Later, a 20-digit IMEI ID number will appear
  4. You have to copy the alias copy the IMEI code.
  5. Now, visit the Xiaomi Product Authentication verification page.
  6. Enter the 20 digit Xiaomi IMEI number then complete the captcha below.
  7. When done, press the Verify button.

Then information will appear about the specifications of the product you are using.

If the information matches your Xiaomi cellphone, then the product is genuine. But if the product is not found, then the IMEI smartphone unregistered and could be counterfeit goods.

IMEI or identity number of a smartphone It is indeed a very powerful and instant way to find out something smartphone is a genuine or fake product.

This is because the validity of the information will be directly checked via the official Xiaomi website as a manufacturer smartphone. Therefore this method is a very efficient method.

3. Customize MIUI Version

How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP

The third way is to check the ROM from the Xiaomi cellphone that you want to check for original or fake. ROM is an abbreviation of Read Only Memory which means is the internal memory of a smartphone.

Here’s the trick:

  1. Go to the Settings menu alias Settings.
  2. Then select the About Phone menu.
  3. After that comes the MIUI Version of the cellphone.
  4. Take note of the MIUI version then search through Google.
  5. Pay attention to whether the MIUI version and HP type match.

ROM from Xiaomi itself has a unique number, namely MIUI Version. And usually, fake Xiaomi cellphones generally use a custom Android ROM.

This can be used to distinguish whether the Xiaomi cellphone is genuine or fake. Because fake Xiaomi cellphones shouldn’t be on a type of cellphone that matches Xiaomi’s output.

4. Compare With The Original

How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP
Comparing HP

Another manual way to check if a Xiaomi cellphone is a genuine or fake product is to compare the physical state of the two devices.

Although manufacturers of counterfeit products try to make the product as close to the original as possible, there are still differences.

Of the many reports quoted by the mass media, generally the fake Xiaomi logo looks bigger than the original with a slightly blurry color of the logo.

Likewise with the quality of the camera that does not create photo shots in accordance with the resolution capacity of the camera.

But to run this method, it would be better if you were a Xiaomi user so that you mastered the characteristics of the original product.

5. HP Performance Check

How to Check Original or Fake Xiaomi HP

To test performance and check whether a Xiaomi cellphone is genuine or fake, you can use the help of third-party applications that can be installed via the playstore.

Here’s how to check Xiaomi cellphones using the Antutu Benchmark application:

  1. Download the Antutu Benchmark app first.
  2. Perform the installation according to the application guide.
  3. When installed, press Install and Test to start.
  4. Wait until you get a score from the Antutu Benchmark performance test.
  5. Compare your device score with the original device’s average score.

If it differs much from the average, it is likely that your Xiaomi cellphone is a fake.

Counterfeit cellphones are only made and designed to be very similar to the original product in terms of physical and appearance. But in terms of performance, counterfeit products use lower quality components than genuine products.

6. Compare Prices

One of the counterfeit cellphone manufacturers’ efforts to attract visitors is to make the price cheaper than the original. Counterfeit phones are usually cheaper because they don’t have quality components.

For example, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 which is priced at Rp. 3,299,000 in the market. Meanwhile, quoted from various online mass media, the price of a fake Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 is only sold at a price of Rp. 1,200,000.

This far price comparison is one of the characteristics of fake smartphones. So as a smartphone user, it’s good to think before buying a very cheap cellphone.

So that’s the way to check if a Xiaomi smartphone is genuine or fake, it’s quite easy, isn’t it? Well, if you don’t want to bother checking for a genuine or fake Xiaomi cellphone, you should buy a cellphone at the Official Store (official store). Now to find an Official Store is very easy, just visit market places such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak and other marketplaces. And it is recommended that before buying, look at the reviews and ratings from other buyers, yes, hopefully it will be useful

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