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How to Change the Latest Easy Ninja Heroes Password -

How to Change Ninja Heroes Password

How to Change Password Ninja Heroes – Ninja heroes is an RPG game that went viral again after one of the gaming youtubers, Windah Basudara, uploaded a video of him playing the game. Today, many local gamers are returning to play this Naruto game. Ninja Heroes is indeed a game whose theme is like the Naruto anime, the characters and characters in the game are also the same as in the anime series.

Playing back this game makes players feel nostalgic. Ninja heroes includes a list of quality and fun android RPGs to play. After being viral again in the local gamers community, many are looking for info about download tutorials to the latest How to Change Ninja Heroes Password. All of this information will be discussed further in the following article.

Ninja heroes was first released in mid-2021. Currently, this RPG is immediately getting a lot of attention from gamers. Like the popular anime series, this game is also immediately popular and has been downloaded by many android users. In this game, players can explore ninja villages, collect various ninja from beginner class to SS class, complete daily missions, train to become the strongest ninja.

This game has advantages in the graphic section, which is unique and clear. It looks refreshing with cute characters. Makes players not easily bored while playing. The game play is also quite simple, so it’s easy to understand. There are other interesting features and content that can be checked directly by playing the game directly.

  • How to Download the Latest Ninja Heroes

Not long after its release, Ninja heroes were removed from the play store. The reason may be that the ninja RPG does not meet the criteria for the rules that apply in the play store. Since then, the download process for the official Ninja Heroes game application must be carried out directly on the official website. That is in Proven safe, does not contain viruses and others. Many players have proven themselves and have played the apk from the web.

  • How to Change the Latest Ninja Heroes Password

In addition to information on how to download the latest ninja heroes game, many are also looking for info on how to change the password in this game. But unfortunately, from the first release until now there has been no way to change the password for the game. There is only a way to be able to use the old account so that it can be played again. So in this article, we will only share ways to be able to use the old account.

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But later if you find a way to change the password, then this article will be updated again. Well, here’s the way to play on old accounts in the ninja heroes game

  1. Visit the site
  2. Then click sign in with google
  3. Then create a user name, account name, and password,
  4. Don’t forget to select all village will bind to a new account, the goal is that the account can be connected to all servers.
  5. After that, enter the ninja heroes game again. Then enter the user name and password that was created earlier, then click the sign in button.

After doing the steps above, then you can find out that you have played on any server before.

That’s the info that can be discussed about How to Change Ninja Heroes Password. Remember because there is no way to change the password and user name in the Ninja Heroes game. Then make a note of the user name and password used, so you don’t forget it.

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