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ps2 games

Games The Hits And Exciting PS2 In Its Era Until Now. For those of you who have ever gone to a PS2 rental, of course it is a very beautiful memory. You guys go to play games PS2 which has many variations. Setting aside school fees and going to PS2 rentals had become commonplace among young people at that time.

There are so many games which was released on the ps2 console, at that time it was the golden age of the ps2. And if you are a generation gamers PS2 will surely know with some of the games below. If you’re ready, let’s take a look at some games which is very popular and fun in the era of the ps2.


Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas

Who is this gamers who are not familiar with the series gta sa this. You all must have gone through the first period of being a gamers by playing with Cj instead. Games latest ps2 open world genre best of its time. Games bringing the theme of a hostility between city gangs, you will play using the character Carl Johnson or in short Cj.

Para gamers Of course I won’t forget how fun it was to play games this. You will be presented with a wide world and free to do whatever you want. The world is also filled with many mysteries that make the series GTA game be unique. You can also play multiplayer with friends, causing trouble everywhere. Or just taking a walk, there are still lots of features on offer games this.

God Of War I & II

Games The latest PS2, which is certainly the most phenomenal with its action and graphic his era. You must be familiar with the name Kratos, a spartan with a bald head and two iconic chain swords. Games The theme is about a Greek spartan who is looking for the god he will make his master at the time of death before his eyes. You will travel around the world to fight and kill the gods that Kratos hates.

Gaming, graphics and soundtrack the beautiful one makes ps2 players feel at home for hours playing games this. You guys aren’t just playing against the enemies inside games this is also pinned some puzzle which is sure to confuse you. So for you guys gamers PS2 definitely won’t forget the fun of playing games this.

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Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monk

Yo who doesn’t know the series Mortal Kombat game the newest ps2. You can play single or multiplayer. But highly recommended games This is played together with friends, then the excitement will be felt. At the beginning of the game you will be given a spectacle of a battle between fighters. And long story short the enemy loses and in the end the battle location collapses and you will fall down and start your adventure.

At the beginning of the game you will play as Liu Kang and Kung Lao, two mainstay warriors. You will be given gameplay interesting features and features such as skill enhancement, you can also issue your character’s mainstay moves. As fatality brutal enough to defeat the monsters and enemies later.

Tekken 5

Another new game ps2 fighting genre The one with the most fans is tekken 5. game This brings a fighting mechanism that is never fun with a variety of characters as well as a variety of character backgrounds that can make you curious and have fun playing.

That’s some latest games ps2 which is very exciting.