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Guaranteed Exciting, Here's The Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Guide -

call of duty

In this discussion, we will share a complete guide to playing the Call of Duty game. COD infinite warfare is a war game. Where we will reminisce about the development of the call of duty. This game will give you a lot of missions that you will complete sequentially. This game is a PC game that is quite light. This game has a very good plot, you will explore places or enemy bases. You are required to kill the enemy with the weapons provided from the start of the game. What is certain is that you play this game alone, but you will be helped by recording your team which has been prepared by the game.

But still you have to play alone thinking about tactics to be able to advance to the next plot. Below will be given a guide to playing call of duty infinite warfare. So, don’t be confused, you guys just pay attention or practice the guide below so you can be good at playing this shooting game.

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Play Guide

You must first download this COD game on Google or the official website for free. For those of you who have never played shooting or war games, you will definitely be confused. Well, pay attention to the following guide so you don’t get confused when playing it

  1. First download the game on the website.
  2. Login or register first if you don’t have an account. You can login via Facebook too.
  3. Click my games and choose the game you are playing or the call if duty infinite warfare game earlier.
  4. Click the play button once it’s opened.
  5. After that, you will be given what the keyboard functions are so that the game can run. When you press the button ( w ) will go forward, ( s ) walk backwards, ( d ) walk to the right, ( a ) walk to the left.

2 Apart from walking, you can also run by pressing the shift key on the keyboard. Step or walk slowly press ctrl and if pressed for 2 seconds or hold it will crawl.

  1. To remove your bullets, just press the mouse on the left and the scope or target on the right of the mouse.
  2. To reload or reload your bullets just press ( r )

That was a guide for those of you who are confused about what to press to play this call of duty infinite warfare game. But you have to train your fingers to be able to play it quickly. This game also provides multiplayer games. But you should practice first before you meet people who are good at playing it. And of course you will die quickly if you are still difficult to memorize the button earlier to play. That was just the beginning of the button that was used. For other buttons there are more. Like changing guns, changing knives, grabbing people’s weapons, elbowing enemies and jumping.

It’s not easy enough to play this call of duty infinite warfare game. You who already have the game or you are also already proficient. Play with your friends to make it more exciting, of course, so it’s not boring. And a bag or inventory for this game has been prepared. For those of you who want to choose weapons or other fighting accessories.

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