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GTA Unlimited Blood Password, Here's How -

GTA Password Unlimited Blood

GTA Password Unlimited Blood – Among the list of the most famous games of all time, Grand Theft Auto or GTA is one of them. The open word game from Rockstar is indeed very successful and has been played by gamers from various regions. In this game, players are free to express themselves by using various available features.

Talking about GTA certainly can’t be separated from cheats. There are many players in this game who use cheats. The use of cheats makes the game easier and faster to finish. Well, this time we will discuss one of the most sought after cheats, namely the GTA Unlimited Blood Password. Intrigued by the complete information, check it out below.

  • GTA Password Unlimited Blood

GTA password is a cheat used when playing GTA via PC. Unlimited blood or unlimited blood is a cheat that is much sought after. This is because of its function which makes the character never run out of blood. Then the character played will be immortal alias can not die. That’s why many players are looking for the unlimited blood cheat code. Well, the unlimited blood password code for the GTA game is CAINEMVHZC. The cheat code was issued by Rockstar as the developer of GTA. So it doesn’t matter if you use the cheat. This means that there will be no penalty or penalty from Rockstar.

  • List of other GTA Cheat Passwords

In addition to the cheat code for unlimited blood, there are many other interesting cheats that can be used in the GTA game. What are the cheat codes? Here is the information,

  1. Death Blow (deadly)

Want to beat your opponent with one deadly blow, then use the following cheat code. With just one hit can make the enemy immediately thrown away. This deadly blow is often used when dealing with the police. Police characters in GTA games don’t die after being shot. Therefore, the best solution to defeat him is to use the death blow code. The cheat code is as follows, STINGLIKEABEE.

  1. Release the Jetpack Features

Jetpacks are one of the most sought after vehicles when playing GTA. Jetpack is easier to control and more practical than when using a helicopter. This vehicle is suitable for use when facing a shootout (guessing each other). To issue the jetpack feature, the cheat code is ROCKETMAN.

  1. Chasing the city

Many exciting things can be found while playing GTA, players are free to do anything. Including creating chaos or riots in the city. That kind of thing can only be done while playing GTA. To mess up the city, you can use the STAEOREMERGENCY cheat code.

  1. Flying Car

In the GTA game, not only planes and helicopters can fly. Cars can also be flown. How, interesting is not it? Something like this, can’t be done in the real world. Well, to be able to fly a car, use the cheat code RIPAZHA.

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  1. Increase Star Wanted Level

In the GTA game there is a wanted level star. If you have a high wanted level star, you will be chased by the police. Of course it will be very stressful when being chased by the police. If you want to feel the sensation, use the cheat code to raise the following wanted level star, AEZAKMI.

To activate the unlimited virgin feature and other features, all you have to do is type the cheat code above on the keyboard while playing on a PC. That’s info on how to Password GTA Unlimited Blood, as well as other fun cheat codes. Hopefully the information above can be useful for GTA players.

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