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GTA Indonesia Cheats The Easiest and Most Complete Laptop -

GTA Indonesia Laptop Cheats

GTA Indonesia Laptop Cheats still much sought after today. This is natural because there are still so many loyal players in this game. Using cheats in GTA games also makes the game more exciting than usual. Because you will be more free to be creative by using some cheats.

Well for those of you who want to find out about GTA Indonesia laptop cheats the easiest and most complete here is the place. Check out the full review in the explanation below.

Cheats to Change the Weather

GTA Indonesia Laptop Cheats The first thing you will find is a cheat to change the weather, including:

  1. AUIFRVQS : the purpose of this code is to rain down.
  2. TOODAMNHOT/ ICIKPYH : this second code is useful for making the weather very sunny.
  3. PLEASANTLYWARM/ AFZLLQLL : the third code is used to restore sunny weather.
  4. CFVFGMJ : the fourth code has the purpose of making the weather foggy.
  5. ALNSFMZO : the fifth code can make the weather cloudy cloudy.
  6. SCOTTISHHSUMMER / CWJXUOC / MGHXYRM : the latter can turn the weather into a storm.

GTA San Andreas Laptop Cheats

The ease of using cheats makes many people target cheat codes. One of them is in GTA San Andreas. Here is some code you can use:

  1. SPEEDITUP / PPGWJHT : this code to speed up the movement.
  2. YSOHNUL : this code to speed up time.
  3. ANOSEONGLASS / MUNASEF: has a use for adrenaline cheats.
  4. SLOWITDOWN / LYOAAY : has a function to slow down the movement.
  5. OFVIAC : make the cheat stop at 21.00
  6. NIGHYPROWLER / XJVSNAJ : stop at 00.00 / 12.00

Vehicle Effect Cheats

  1. WHEELSONLYPLEASE / XICWMD : gives a transparent car effect
  2. BUBBLECARS / BSXSGGC : gives a light car effect
  3. VKYPQCF : NOS taxi
  4. SPEEDFREAK : equip all cars with NOS
  5. ALLCARSGOBOOM / CPKTNWT : the effect of blowing up all cars.
  6. JCNRUAD : make cars immune
  7. AFSNMSMW / FLYINGFISH : airplanes
  8. RIPHAZA : Flying car.

Character Skill Cheats

  2. HESOYAM : Health and money
  3. BTCDBCB : fat body
  4. BAGUVIX: unlimited lives
  5. WANRLTW : unlimited ammo
  6. NCSGDAG : hitman level
  7. AEDUWWNV : never hungry
  8. PGGOMOY: maximum driving skill
  9. KVGYZQK: normal body
  10. BUFFMEUP : muscular body
  11. KANGAROO : jump high

GTA San Andreas Spawn Vehicle Cheats

  1. PDNEJOH : racing car
  2. MONSTERMOSH : monster truck
  3. AIWPRTON : tank Rino
  4. AMOMHERER : tanker car
  5. UBHYZHQ : garbage truck
  6. AIYPWZQP : Parachute
  7. OHDUDE : helicopter hunter
  8. URKQSRK : dragonfly plane
  9. JQNTDMH : cheat rancher

Pedestrian Cheats

  1. BIFBUZZ: cheat all residents to become gang members
  2. BGLUAWML : pedestrians rampage with guns
  3. AJLOJYGY : pedestrian rampage
  4. MROEMZH : gang and worker theme
  5. AFPHUTL : yakuza theme cheats

That’s a variety of information about GTA cheat Indonesian Laptop the easiest and most complete. You can enter the cheat code in the column provided. If the cheat is used successfully, you will find a cheat activated pop up. That way automatically the cheat is still active and can be used.

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