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Full Review of Neo Monster Game Android Version -

neo monster

This time it will be explained in a full review or review of the Neo monster smartphone game Android. Game play inspired Pokemon monster game. Positioned players need to collect and collect various types of wild monsters scattered. At this time, monster games at the time of the trend of the game and many paid customers download.

Popular types of games are paid in the price of 3,000.00 RP bandrol only, very cheap, but not cheap. Players can enjoy exciting RPG game genre fun. Games that you can play online or offline. You must have cool game suggestions. Therefore, it is desirable to review a comprehensive review of the Android version of the neo monster game. You can see the full review below.

Game Features

Monster game features quite complete and interesting. One of the coolest features presented to readers is the feature monster trainer. As a pillowcase monster this game is a game inspired by Pokemon, in which the player must collect a lot of monsters that spread through the defeat of these monsters. To beat monsters, of course, you also need monsters to beat monsters get you.

The monsters you need to become stronger than your monster targets. Therefore, you need to train and take care of the monsters you wear. Many types of monsters, and you take good care of your collection. You can also develop many abilities of each of you monster. Not only wild monsters can catch you, other players’ monsters can also catch you when you bet with players. Who wins, who can get the monster.

Best RPG games

The new monster game in one of the best games of RPG. As the first point, players can play and other players in the line fighting. With competitive and cooperative multiplayer multiplayer, the excitement in the game can be felt. Graphic display is also one of the things that must be thumbs up. Animations of attacks while fighting monsters can also treat your eyes. Therefore, the game monster is quite cool and trendy. More than 1,000 types of monsters you can get and worry about.

You can fight not only ordinary battles, but you must set up a good battle strategy to win. The combination of monsters you use will affect your victory in battle. Therefore, good strategy battle games if you play is the best RPG. There are also game events provided, where you can track the prestigious championships of monsters and are very popular with professional players.

And that’s a full review of neo game monsters in RPG and 2 trending game stores from Google. Immediately, you buy the game and play the game with a high level of excitement. You only need a small capital to get the game and enjoy the game. Therefore, download immediately and feel free about the game, because the guarantee will be interesting and satisfaction.

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