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Free Fire Max 4.0 Brief Specifications -

Free Fire Max 4.0

Free fire is a video game that is in great demand by true gamers. This game developed by Garena has been played by 100 million active users per day. This game has just released its latest version, Free Fire Max 4.0. Here are the short specifications!

Free Fire Max 4.0

The latest version of Free Fire has just been released in Indonesia. This game is being discussed by many fans. Free Fire Max strives to make your video game experience better. They promise better graphics quality than previous versions in order to please their users.

Did you know that Free Fire has been released first on servers in foreign countries such as Malaysia, Bolivia and Vietnam. Indonesia being the country where Free Fire Max was released in November is not without reason, the Free Fire Max product is not ready to be released in Indonesia together with other countries. So Free Fire Max is the biggest wait for Free Fire players.

How to enter Free Fire Max 4.0

For those of you who want to play the Free Fire Max game, you can immediately play without the need to register an account again. But to make it easier, you can access the game using another server and download the application on the Google Play Store. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Free Fire Max app.
  2. Log in first using a Google account and make sure that the Google account is the account you use to play Free Fire.
  3. Then you can directly register and click Participate in the Tests.
  4. Then you are asked to wait for news from the Google Play Store.
  5. The Google Play Store will later give instructions to update your Free Fire game to be updated to Free Fire Max 4.0.

Free Fire Without Account Signup

Can I play the latest version of Free Fire without registering an account with Google? The answer is yes, but it is not certain because it is still being tried by a handful of users. The trick is to download the Free Fire Max 4.0 application, then use a VPN to switch servers. You can use Malaysian or Vietnamese servers. Therefore you also need an account from that country in order to play.

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It should be noted that using a VPN is a bit dangerous because it is vulnerable to cyber crime. Especially if you have internet banking where hackers can steal passwords to finish off your savings. So make sure you have logged out of your internet banking account before using a VPN.

How? Are you still interested in playing the Free Fire Max 4.0 game? Even though it’s fun, don’t forget to stay alert to cyber crime.

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