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Free Fire's Latest June Patch Event, Find the Complete Schedule Here

Events June Patch

The Latest June Patch Event Free Fire – Just updated last April, Free fire will be updating again this June. Of course, a series of events and the latest missions have been prepared to pamper the fans. Of course, true survivors can’t wait to join the event and mission.

Well, this time what attracted the most attention was about The Latest June Patch Event Free Fire. There are already many fans who want to immediately participate in the events. The reason is simple, because there are many cool prizes that can be obtained at the event. What is the detailed info and schedule like? Here’s the explanation.

The Latest June Patch Event Free Fire

The June patch ff event is a series of events that will be held to welcome the latest ff patch update in June 2021. Free Fire displays a large list of prizes that can be obtained for free by joining these events. This is what makes fans so impatient to join. About when the event will start, of course after the patch update is implemented. The latest ff patch update schedule will take place on June 8, 2021.

Every time the patch is updated, there are indeed many new things added. So it’s not just events or new missions. There are also new items, such as the one currently being discussed, namely the new UZI free fire weapon. In addition, there are also many other exciting content that will definitely make the game more fun than before. In order not to miss the events with free prizes in this month’s update, you need to know the schedule.

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Latest June Patch FF Event Schedule

In the June ff patch update this time, the series of events consists of several kinds. What and when is the full schedule? Just check below.

  1. Login afterpatch, period from 8 to 13 June 2021. By doing a daily login, every day you will be able to get cool prizes. For example, logging in on the first day can get 3x weapon royal vouchers and 3x royal diamond vouchers. On the second day, you will get an incubator voucher, and so on.
  2. Exchange token patch June, period from June 4 to 15, 2021. Survivors must complete missions in the event, to earn tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for various prize lists, one of which is the Rainbow Sunshine Bundle.
  3. Cumulative day login, period from 4 to 15 June 2021. Players must log in regularly every day. Every five days will get a prize.
  4. Aftermatch drop, period from 4 to 13 June 2021. Collect grenade display tokens after the match, and exchange them into various cool prizes.
  5. Cumulative mission, period from 7 to 15 June 2021. Complete the mission and get the Cave Deathbox Draco skin for free.
  6. Cumulative kill with new weapon, period 8 to 15 June 2021. Get a moony pet skin prize by killing using a new weapon, the UZI.
  7. Cumulative mission play with friends, period from 11 to 15 June. Play with friends and complete various missions to earn rewards.
  8. Peak day, period 12 and 13 June 2021. Login on peak day, and complete the mission to win various prizes.

That was the information about The Latest June Patch Event Free Fire, complete with the schedule. Well, note the schedule so you don’t miss it. Well, that’s all for now, see you later.

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