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Franco : One Shot One Kill - Mobile Legends

Franco is a hero with a tanker role which is included in the best category in Mobile Legends, almost in every match someone picks this hero. With its unique skills, it makes him fun to play.

This hero is somewhat sadistic, he kills his target in a pathetic way. Terror with his hook skill will make the enemy keep his distance from him. The enemy will not be separated from his sharp eyes while hiding behind the darkness Franco will pull his enemy and then torture him to death.. 😀

That’s a little illustration from Franco, next I will explain about what Franco has and also tips on how to play this hero.

Here I will explain about the skills possessed by Franco. Franco is equipped with 4 skills, namely:

1. Westeland Force

The first skill from Franco is a passive skill where this skill will function when Franco is not attacked or attacking the enemy, the effect of this skill will increase his speed by 10% and regent HP by 0.5% per second. So with this skill, Franco can last a long time on the line because his cellphone will quickly go up.

2. Iron Hook

The enemy should be wary of this skill because if you are careless then you will be attracted by this second skill of Franco. If your hero is attracted by this iron hook skill, you will be exposed to damage of 450/480/510/540/570/600.

To use this skill, just press and aim at a target that is within reach of Franco. So that you can lock the target faster then click this skill it will automatically lead to the target. If the target does not move then he will be attracted towards Franco.

Tips to avoid hooks: never stay still if you’re in franco’s reach move left/right/backward/if you’re still, don’t stay in front of franco or stay behind your creeps (if hooked then what’s interested are creeps that block franco’s hook from your hero .

3. Fury Shock

Franco’s third skill is a stun skill, the stun of this skill has the effect of slowing the movement of the opponent’s hero and also dealing physical damage to nearby enemy heroes.

This skill can be used to attack enemies or Franco’s third escape skill has been pressed.

4. Brutal Massacre

This skill is a deadly skill from Franco. Enemies will be bitten unable to move and torn apart until they are helpless. Most of the enemy’s shards have 6 hits with 70 damage damage. So that enemies with only a few HP will immediately die horribly.

In-Game Strategy

To play Franco’s hero, it’s not that difficult, the important thing is to be patient. Franco is a tanker hero so you don’t need to be afraid to be in front during war. But must remain vigilant.

Strategy to keep line:

At the beginning you should be on the top/bottom line and choose a good hero with you such as Yun Zhao, estes etc. Make sure the skills match your skills. For example, Yunzao when you hook the enemy, then Yunzao will use the other skill to attract the enemy to the turent so that the turent will attack the opponent’s hero who is hit by the hook.

Try to fight creeps near your tower so that it is more profitable for you when using a hook and the enemy is hit by your hook then the tower will attack the opponent’s hero.

Once in a while hide in the trees so that you are not seen if there is a chance to hook your enemy with Franco’s 1 iron hook skill.

Butt Strategy:

Invite your team to book your opponent’s hero. Hide in the middle of the trees, wait until the opponent’s hero is off guard, then hook and beat him. If the enemy manages to run away, chase it because you have a fast running speed, enemies who don’t have escape skills will be easy for you to get and then hook the enemy back.

Strategy in War team:

If in war you don’t have to be afraid to be in front because franco is a tanker hero so he will receive the first damage in war. But don’t just go forward, you must first kidnap one of the opposing heroes, especially the support hero first.

And if the condition is war, accept the opponent’s attack until your blood is running low. If it’s almost finished, run away from the war/backward you can use abilities such as Flicker (jump) / Assault (sprint) / Stun (stun the enemy) / Purify (remove effects that hit you from skills) opponent). After you retreat, don’t go back to base, wait behind and look for opportunities to hook one of the enemies whose blood is low.

Build Franco:

1. Items: for items just use the standard items tanker from franco.
2. Abilities: for abilities, I think it’s better to use Flicker because with this jumping ability you can use it to chase enemies or to run away when dying.
3. Emblem: use the tanker emblem because you are a tanker hero.

Order of Skill Usage:

Use the hook first and when the enemy has been hit by the hook then use the Brutal Massacre skill and if the enemy is still not dead use the Furry Shock skill to slow down the enemy’s movement.

So at a glance about Franco, I hope this tutorial is useful for you, especially for those who are still newbies, I hope this post is useful for you.

thank you

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