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Football Manager 2021 Mobile Tutorial For Beginners -

football manager tutorial

Tutorials Football manager 2021 is a topic that we will discuss in this discussion. As we all know, this game has a sports theme. However, unlike PES or FIFA games. But this game will require you to become a football coach. Who will mix strategies or formations that will be used to play with other opponents. In this game you will form a team from small. From a small team that still seems weak. So you have to buy players if your team wants to be good. And the price is also very similar to the price in the real world. Very interesting isn’t it.

How to play

For you ywho is still a beginner. I will give this football manager tutorial. Of course, you will definitely be directed by the game to understand it. The first thing you do is of course choose the country or league you want. And of course you will become a team coach according to the real world. And the players are also the same as in the real world in 2021. There you will start the game by concocting all tactics or strategies so that you can win in the competition in the league you choose. In this game you can also reprimand your players who are stubborn when playing on the field. This game is very real. Like a professional trainer emulator.

There you have to complete the league to win the league. It must have taken a long time to win it. How come. Surely you have to find funds to buy players from outside the team who will make your team stronger. And the better the player, the more expensive the price. And for sure you have to win the game or you can take it from prizes or from daily logins to get the money. Certainly really need a lot of money is not it. Because each player only has a contract for a few seasons. And you can also sell the player if you don’t think it’s good to be on your team anymore. And in this game, players will favor horse players who can be contracted for a long time. Every play if you win. Players will level up playing.

Minimum Android Device Specifications To Play It

For those of you who want to play this game. You have to pay attention to your device too. Enough or not to save this game. And strong or not to play it. Because this game is also heavy to run. And you must also understand the football manager tutorial. So that you can play smoothly in the future.

Minimum Android specs:


16GB ROM and uses an adequate processor such as Snapdragon.

How to Download

This application can be downloaded on Google like other games.

  1. You can download it on any site. Which will be downloaded there are 2 files. Namely APK and obb. The APK itself is only 26mb and the obb file is about 562mb.
  2. Extract the obb file earlier.
  3. Enter the extracted fule earlier to Android>obb.
  4. Then install the APK.
  5. Games can be played.

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Pretty easy isn’t it to play this? What is certain is that the football manager tutorial has also been explained above. There are many features and options for those of you who want to play leagues such as the Indonesian league to other countries though. And how to download it is also very easy and there are many on google. During playing you will take quite a long time in carrying out the league game. The longer you play it, the more you understand the working system of this game. If you’ve been playing for a long time. You should also have tough players that you buy from your hard work for money in the game.

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