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Fishing Features In Genshin Impact, Complete Info Is Here -

Fishing Features In Genshin Impact

Fishing Features In Genshin Impact – MiHoYo presents a variety of interesting content in the latest genshin impact game. Although version 2.0 has just entered the first part, there are already many exciting quests and events that can be played. Not only that, leaked version 2.1 updates have also started circulating. In the previous article, we discussed the leaked new weapon, Gesnhin Impact 2.1.

The new news says that there will be Fishing Features In Genshin Impact. Previously, there were features of planting and making houses. Well, later on Genshin Impact 2.1 there will be a fishing feature. Curious about the full details? Let’s immediately check the following interesting reviews.

Fishing Features In Genshin Impact version 2.1

The news about the fishing feature in genshin impact 2.1 was obtained from a well-known leaker in the traveler community. The leaker often shares the latest leak updates about Genhin Impact, and most of it is true. The leak shows five types of fishing rods with beautiful and unique carvings and styles. The five types of fishing rods are,

  1. Windtangler, 4 star, light blue and silver.
  2. Wishmaker, 4 star, is a yellow and brown combination.
  3. Narukawa Ukai, 4-star, is white with some black accents, and unique carvings.
  4. Wilderness Rod, 4 star, with dark color and simple carving.
  5. Moonstringer, a 4 star, has light blue, white, yellow, and beautiful carvings like flowers.

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Later there will be a special location that can be used for fishing. So can’t fish in all rivers. There is also a new housing feature (Spiritcloud Pool) that can be used as a place for fishing. In addition, there is also a claymore weapon with a shape like a tuna fish. There is no further info about the fishing feature itself.

Fishing Rod and Spiritcloud Pool Leaks

From the leak about the fishing rod above, it will also explain how to get the new item. Of course this is still part of the info from the leaker. For clarity, it will be discussed in bullet points,

  • To get fishing rods and spiritcloud pool items is to play in the Lunar Realm event. In that event, players must interact with NPC Kujirai Moiji, a fisherman from the Inazuma region.
  • The NPC will tell about a legend with the title Lunar Leviathan. Then the player will be asked to look for the fish in the legend. A number of missions must be completed in the event.
  • Later, after successfully completing the event, you will get a prize, namely a fishing rod or pacing stick as described above. Travelers can put the item in Serenia’s pot and then spend time fishing.
  • This fishing feature will only be present in the next version update. While waiting you can play in the housing feature (making a house), farming (cultivating crops), and cooking (cooking).

How interesting is not it? Apart from that, there is also a new tricolor dango recipe that you should try. Complete information can be checked in the previous article.

That’s an interesting review about Fishing Features In Genshin Impact latest, complete with other interesting leaks. Hopefully this review can be useful for fans aka travelers in Genshin Impact. That’s all that can be discussed this time, see you in the latest game info updates. Do not miss.

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