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Fate Genshin Impact Free, Here's How To Get It -

Fate Genshin Impact Free

Fate Genshin Impact Free – Genshin Impact is the most popular game in the middle of this year. The number of fans of the game is indeed increasing, the content and interesting events prepared by MiHoYo have succeeded in making travelers feel satisfied. Regular updates and maintenance are also always carried out.

No wonder the game performance is always good. Then what is no less fun is the event with exciting prizes. This time MiHoYo will distribute gifts Fate Genshin Impact Free for the players who participated in the Chasing the Stars event. Curious as to what the detailed information is like? Check out the interesting discussion below.

How to Get Fate Genshin Impact for Free

In playing genshin impact there are many items needed, fate is one of them. There are different types of fates required for different purposes. To be able to get this fate, in general, players have to buy it using primogems. While the primogems themselves can be obtained by doing a top up. The name of the top up of course have to pay. Well, this time, Genshin Impact fans have the opportunity to get fate and primogems for free.

The method is very easy, by joining the star chase event. Participants only have to complete the missions in the event to get the list of prizes that have been prepared. The mission that must be completed is also very simple, namely doing daily logins. Every day there will be different attractive prizes that can be obtained. For fate itself, it is an item that can also be used to do gacha in genshin impact.

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Genshin Impact Star Chasing Event Prize

Reportedly the event chasing the Genshin Impact star will take place from September 28 to October 10, 2021, which is for 7 days. In these 7 days the prizes that will be obtained are also different. The following is a list of daily login prizes at the Genshin Impact Star chase event,

  1. First day login prize, 1 intertwined fate
  2. Second day login reward, 80,000 Mora
  3. Third day login prize, 2 intertwined fates
  4. Fourth day login reward, 18 mystic enhancement ore
  5. Fifth day login prize, 2 intertwined fates
  6. Sixth day login reward, 8x hero wit
  7. Last day login prize, 5 intertwined fate

By logging in regularly within a week of the event period, players will get all the list of prizes above. To be able to join in the event, there are several conditions that must be met. The main requirement is that at least you must have reached Adventure rank level 5 and above. From the list of prizes above, there are a total of 10 fate pieces that can be obtained for free.

If you buy it in general, then at least you have to spend a total of 1600 primogems, which is quite a number isn’t it. Surely this fate can help players when they are going to do the upcoming kokomi gacha banner. So don’t miss this golden opportunity. Moreover, all you have to do is login, there is no need to complete special missions or anything.

Well, that was the info about Fate Genshin Impact Free complete with how to get it. How, very easy isn’t it? Save the date of the event now so you don’t forget. For now, here is the review of the Genshin Impact game article that can be discussed. Find more interesting info in the next article. See you and hopefully useful.

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