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Easy Ways to Screenshot Oppo HP

Talk about screenshots of course it has become a common thing that is done everyday. Screenshots itself is a way to take pictures on a smartphone, this is usually done when you want to capture important moments on your cellphone such as intimate chats from doi, proof of e-banking payments, when you get important moments when playing games on the internet. smartphone and other moments.

Easy Ways to Screenshot Oppo HP Easy
How to screenshot Oppo cellphone

Well, in this post, Babang wants to discuss how to do this screenshots on HP Oppo. If you are still a beginner in using smartphone so this article is very useful when you want to take screenshots (screenshot).

There are several ways to take a screenshot on an Oppo cellphone, here are the steps:

Screenshot using 3 fingers

This is the way screenshots very instant on HP Oppo based on ColorOS 6. This ability is in the quick gesture feature. To use this feature, you must activate it first. Here’s the trick.

  1. Open the settings menu or settings
  2. Find and select options Gestures and Motion
  3. Search and find submenu Quick Gesture.
  4. Activate option Gesture Screenshot

How to use screenshots from this quick gesture is very easy. You just need to swipe or swipe down using 3 fingers. After that the screen will flash and produce a camera capture sound. A small screenshot will appear on the left side of the screen.

Screenshot of the desired screen area

To capture the required screen zone, generally smartphone users will take a screenshot in its entirety after that crop the image in that section. However, features quick gestures on Oppo allows users to do it in one tap.

The trick, you just need to stick 3 fingers at once for about 1 second on the area of ​​the screen you want to capture. After that, an area will appear crop screen that you can adjust to your needs. It’s easy?

Screenshot via Smart Sidebar

Smart Sidebar on Oppo smartphones is like Assistive Touch on iOS whose role is to perform tasks with shortcuts. Smart Sidebar will always appear on the smartphone screen to make it easier for users to do various activities such as: screenshots or screen recording.

Easy way to screenshot the Oppo HP way 1
Smart sidebar

To get Smart Sidebar on the Oppo screen, you must first activate the feature. Here’s how.

  1. Open menu or application Settings
  2. Search and select menu Convenience Tools
  3. Enter menu Smart Sidebar
  4. Then activate the feature Smart Sidebar by sliding toggle become green
  5. An almost transparent white line will appear on the page homescreen

After active, generally panel Smart Sidebar will be hidden in the right corner of the cellphone screen with a small white box. To open the panel, you can point to the small box and then swipe or swipe from right to left of the screen using one finger.

There will be various menu functions and applications that you can customize according to your needs, one of which is screenshots. To start capturing screen from Smart Sidebar, you just open the sidebar with swipe opposite direction from its initial position, after that select screenshot.

Long screen screenshot

Generally, to store important information in chat or the site, you will screenshots from one part to another, one by one. Well, with screenshots long, you can capture one web page or long chat at once in one capture.

This screenshot method can be tried either by pressing the button power and volume down, swipe three fingers or through Smart Sidebar. After taking a screenshot, a small screenshot will appear on the right. Press the catch.

In the menubar at the bottom, select an option Scroll. After that scroll aka scroll the page or window until all the information you need is included in the screenshot. After that press the icon checklist at the bottom right and press the icon back in the upper left corner to continue the activity.

So that’s how to take a screenshot on an Oppo cellphone, good luck!

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