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Easy Ways to Make Facebook Avatar

How to make a Facebook avatar? Surely many ordinary people are asking how to make their own avatar on FB. Avatar is a cartoon character that can be made by yourself on FB to express yourself or a cartoon version of yourself to be used as a sticker.

This feature was launched by Facebook on May 13, 2021 where users can use the avatar for comments, stories, and messengers.

How to Make Facebook Avatar

How to make your own facebook avatar

Well, if you don’t know how to make a FB avatar, Babang will give you the following tutorial

Login Facebook Account

The first step, please login with your FB account in the Facebook application. If you don’t have a FB account, please register.

Go to Facebook Menu

If you have entered the homepage, please enter the menu by pressing the three lines in the upper right corner, or you can slide the screen to the right to open the Facebook menu options.

Select Menu Avatar

Once in the Facebook menu, you will see a lot of options. Select See More and later you will see the Avatar option. Please select that option.

Start creating Avatars

After you have selected the Avatar option, it is time to start creating an avatar according to the instructions listed. Creating an avatar starts with choosing a skin color, and a hairstyle.

After that, you can choose hair color, eyebrow shape, face shape, and other attributes. You can also add glasses, or you can wear lipstick.

If you have made the face, then select the body shape and style of dress. Finally, you can add accessories such as hats.

If you are sure with your avatar, please press Next, the Avatar has been created and is ready to use.

How to Use Facebook Avatars

After you have finished creating the next step is to use an avatar on Facebook.

To use the commented avatar, you simply press the comment button and then press the emoji sticker menu.

If you want to use it in the story, you just need to make a video or story text then enter your avatar by pressing the sticker menu and then selecting the avatar you want.

How to use stickers in messengers, posts and more. The method is almost the same, you only need to press the sticker button and then select the avatar you want. This avatar can also be used for Facebook web (desktop).

So that’s how easy it is to make an avatar to be a sticker on Facebook. Hope it’s useful

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