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Cyclops Play Guide For Beginners - Mobile Legends Guide


Hello fellow Mobile Legends players: Bang Bang! . Here I will show you a simple but effective way to play Cyclops, which without a doubt, Cyclops is one of the most satisfying funny heroes to play. So grab your popcorn, some coke and my “watch ‘n enjoy” guide. Remember that I am not the owner of the truth, so this is just how I play effectively with it. Let’s get started

Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops was obsessed with the stars and the sky when he was a child. He saw all day and night and discovered the truth that the planets are moving all the time. And this kind of movement, it has incredible magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous “Starsoul sailor” in his homeland. The movement of the planets would never stop, so its power was very strong and invincible, which, however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived in the Land of Dawn while on a space journey and he was surprised that there were so many strong opponents waiting for him to defeat him. “I came, I saw, I conquered it!” Cyclops Kata


Starlit Hourglass (Passive) – The deep touch with the stars gives Cyclops the power to control time. The current cooldown of all skills will decrease by 0.5 seconds when the skill hits the enemy.

This passive is simply one of the best wizards ever. Once you get to level 2 and have skills 1 and 2 you can reduce the cooldown ability by 70%. It only makes Cyclops strongest if 1v1 with enemies early in the game mage game. You can even beat heroes like Zilong and Alucard before level 4 easily. This ending game becomes arguably the BEST passive for a Mage. The damage is already high, your mana is unlimited and now this passive skill lets you spam all your skills over and over again. Poor foe when it comes to cyclops.

Stardust Shock (Skill 1) – Collects star power and generates two shock waves from stardust, each dealing magic damage to enemies.

Good damage, good range, good cooldown. Although it’s not my favorite skill, it’s a good skill. Use this skill to kill enemies from a safe and secure distance, or attack dangerous enemies from a long distance. Also, once you learn the mechanics of these skills, you can steal their blue buffs.

Planet Attack (Skill 2) – Uses the power of stars to produce a starlit ball that spins around him and increases his own movement speed very quickly in no time. The ball will attack nearby enemies (enemy hero first) automatically, dealing 160 magic damage to them. Damage done to the same target will make it more painful.

This is what makes Cyclops the best. Not only does it provide speed, which is great for escaping or chasing, it’s also one of the most damage-handling skills of the entire game if its 5 balls hit one enemy. That’s the reason why I like to max this skill first. The damage is too high, automatically targets the hero so you don’t have to worry about targeting him and can also be used to trick opponents who are chasing you! Let Karina run to you, use this skill and it will reduce coldwon 2.5 seconds from all your other skills! Therefore, you can cast the first skill, which will let you cast this skill again, then your 4th skill …do and repeat.

Star Power Lockdown (3rd Skill / Ultimate) – Cyclops wields the full power of the star and creates a magic ball full of planetary powers to track his enemies, dealing 500 magic damage. According to the flying distance of the sphere, the target will be trapped for 1-2 seconds.

Very funny skill. Nothing cheers me up than seeing a hero with low HP try to run away from the ball and no matter how fast he runs, or jumps or does anything else, he gets hit and will die! Huge damage, decent CC and very spamable!


Cyclops is a hero with the best Mage skills all on him. She has everything, mobility, damage, range and CC, and while not excelling in any of the categories, she handles everything very well, which I think puts her above other risky mages like Eudora or Aurora, who if one moves wrong or the skill fails. while fighting will make the team increase their mortality by more than 9,000 times!


Cyclops is best played in the mid lane, against other wizards. He is an EXCELENT Anti-mage, and that I will explain below. He can also be used as a kind of second Mage support in the TOP or BOT lane as you really only need one item to be effective during all matches.


Like all other Heroes, Cyclops has some goodies and some flaws. Let’s start with the pros:


Good attack speed, He can destroy towers effectively, although not even close to AD heroes, he can still be faster than almost all other mages because of his great attack speed. This makes him very capable of destroying the first mid tower early in the game.

Great mobility with Skill 2: A very dangerous burst of speed that also hits enemies powerfully… You can catch fleeing enemies, run away from enemies or go around and pretend to be a smaller version of Karina!

Nobody’s hungry: That’s one of the most important things off my “Best mage” list. He can combo and then combo again… and again, without having to worry about mana and that’s pretty amazing!

Very cost-effective: He doesn’t need expensive items to shine like other mages. You will find yourself very strong with only Boots + 2 items!

All skills “on demand”: What do I mean by “on demand”? Simple. Do you need a remote stabbing stick? Click on the first skill. You want a burst of speed? (and tons of damage) Click 2nd skill. You want to Stun someone? Click on the 3rd skill. You don’t depend on the enemy’s condition or your own, you don’t need to trigger the passive, or any state, just click and … it’s done.

Weighted Skills: He is different from other mages in that he can perform his combos repeatedly while fighting a team, while other mages can only do it once and hope it is enough to finish the fight. That was why Cyclops grew stronger during team fights and other mages weakened.


He has no actual nuke skills: I’m talking about Eudora’s 3rd skill, Aurora’s 3rd skill, Vexana’s 2nd skill, and a few others. Don’t expect to click once and melt the enemy team.

Lack of AoE CC: CC is a meta everyone knows. The mages were the CC gods who were also known. However, Cyclops could only CC one person at a time. But that is compensated by very short cooldowns.

Shine even more in more team fights: That’s not a necessary cons, but just a reminder. Eudora and Aurora for example shine at the start of a team fight. They blow up/crash the enemy team and hope their team does the rest. Cyclops is a little different. He has a smaller nuke but he really shines in longer team fights due to his passive. So he can be at least 3 times before another mage is ready to cast again. Also, his first skill is so easy that he can do more damage than a carry hero if he stays long enough to do it.



In my opinion, only 2 spells can benefit Cyclops:

Flicker: the best positional spell of the whole game. Use it to surprise the enemy with your second skill, to trick someone, escape, chase and trick your opponent.

Assault: This makes you very very (Did I say very?) strong! All the other battle spells are pretty good, but don’t really match Cyclops.


Play with the Magic Emblem set. It has everything you need for an early profit!

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