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Cyber ​​Rockerstar Free Fire, Here's Interesting Info -

Cyber ​​Rockerstar Free Fire

Cyber ​​Rockerstar Free Fire – Free fire is one of the most successful games in the country. Topics around this game always attract attention and even go viral. This is because the ff fan community is indeed very large in the country. Moreover, information about the latest events and updates, will definitely be interesting for survivors to discuss.

This time there is also an interesting topic, namely Cyber ​​Rockerstar Free Fire. This topic has been widely discussed since five days ago. For survivors who still don’t know about the topic, you can see the full discussion in this article. Namely as follows.

Cyber ​​Rockerstar Free Fire is

It’s not a new thing that Garena FF often holds events for players, be it in-game or web events. Participating in the event allows participants to get prizes that have been prepared. Talking about events, lately cyber rockerstar has been discussed, this turns out to be the latest web event in the free fire game. As usual on this web event, there are prizes that can be won by the participants. On the web event, players can spin to get prizes.

As with any spin mission in general, which requires diamonds to be able to get a spin opportunity. What’s interesting about this event is the list of prizes, which are super cool and interesting. That’s why many survivors want to join the web event. The system used in the spin on this web event is that the prizes that have been obtained will be replaced with another new list of prizes. This means that you will not get a double prize of the same type.

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How to Join the Rockerstar FF Cyber ​​Web Event

It’s very easy to participate in the new cyber rockerstar free fire web event. What you need to pay attention to is the rules that apply. The explanation is below.

  • At the beginning of the main web event page, there are 5 lists of prizes that can be spin. On the right side of the screen there is already a list of other additional prizes.
  • Like when doing spins in other events, at this web event the price for the first spin is quite affordable. But the more spins, the more the price will increase.
  • After winning a prize slot from the 5 lists that have been prepared, the prize list on the right side of the screen will automatically fill the empty slot.
  • That way there will be prizes of other kinds that can be won on the next spin.
  • The more spins, the more prizes you can get. As usual, the prize will be sent to the fault feature, then it can be claimed.

For now, the rockerstar cyber event web is still not available on the Indonesian server. This web event has only been carried out on an external server, but many local survivors are curious and want to try it. That’s why this time we will discuss more about cyber rockerstar ff. This means that local survivors still have to wait to be able to join the event.

While waiting, you can join in the special moco rebirth event that is being held by Garena FF. That’s interesting information about what it is Cyber ​​Rockerstar Free Fire. Hopefully the explanation above is complete enough to make fans understand. That’s all for the information that can be reviewed this time, see you in the next article.

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