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Counter Alucard Mobile Legends Items, Find Here -

Alucard Mobile Legends Counter Items

Alucard Mobile Legends Counter Items – Mobile legends is the most favorite moba game in the local gamers community. Lovers of the game made by Moonton, not only children and teenagers, there are also many adults who are also active players in the MOBA game. Since it was first released, until now the number of active players is increasing.

In the moba game, players can use various lists of heroes with unique abilities to defeat other players. Lately, Alucard’s hero has become the talk of the ml fan community. For that, an interesting topic that will be discussed this time is about Alucard Mobile Legends Counter Items best.

Recommended Best Alucard Mobile Legends Counter Items

Alucard is one of the heroes with two interesting important roles, namely as a fighter and an assassin. The hero often gets stronger from mid to late game. This makes it difficult for players to deal with it. One of the most troublesome abilities of this hero is the high lifesteal, making it difficult to kill. Therefore, players must know about the list of the best counter items in defeating the fighter hero. The following are the recommendations for the best counter items for the latest alucard hero.

  1. Necklace of Durance

This item is suitable for dealing with heroes with high lifesteal skills such as Alucard. Necklace of Durance is able to provide additional magic power of up to 60 points, cool down reduction of 5%, and magical lifesteal of up to 10%. The main thing about this item is the life drain effect which can reduce the opponent’s regeneration by up to 50% in 3 seconds. That’s why it’s effective against Alucard.

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  1. Sea Halberd

This item only provides an additional physical attack of up to 80 points, as well as an attack speed of 25%, this addition does not produce an attack that is too strong. However, the sea halberd also has a life drain effect like the first item, so it is appropriate for dealing with high lifesteal skills.

  1. Dominance

Still the same as the main function of the two items above, Dominance is also more focused on dealing with high lifesteal skills thanks to the life drain effect. In addition, this item can also reduce the enemy’s attack speed, making it more effective. When using it, you can choose only one, want to use necklace of durability, seal halberd, or dominance. Adjust to the role of the hero used.

  1. Oracle

Next is to strengthen the defense, namely using oracle items. This item is more focused on reducing the amount of damage received from the hero Alucard. Oracle can be the right recommendation for tanks when facing heroes with annoying high lifesteal skills.

  1. Queen Wings

Queen wing is also an item that prevents players from getting too son easily when facing attacks from Alucard. This item is able to reduce the damage received by up to 20%, when the hero is in a HP condition in the range of 40%.

  1. Corrosion Scythe

Alucard is indeed a troublesome hero thanks to his high damage lifesteal skill. But this hero is fragile with CC attacks as well as stun and slow effects. That’s why the item corrosion scythe is the right choice, because it can give a slow effect of up to 8% on Alucard.

In addition to the list Alucard Mobile Legends Counter Items the best that has been mentioned above, you can also use wind of nature or immortality to complement. Wind of nature is able to provide immunity to physical attacks in 2 seconds. Meanwhile, immortality can quickly rise again after being defeated by Alucard.

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