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Beidou Genshin Impact Full Counter Artifact

Beidou Genshin Impact Artifact Full Counter

The character with his hits how to attack and has resilience is Beidou, his rival Ningguang is a famous ship captain. He is rumored to have defeated a sea dragon when a storm hit him and then obtained his vision

Beidou Genshin Impact Artifacts Full Counter Tips Build

The Beidou role itself can be like DPS and Sub DPS. Ascend beidou itself gets an electro dmg bonus, which means it can become a broken character if it is built properly, following the artifacts that admin recommends for Beidou:

2 Gladiator’s Finale + 2 Thundering Furry

Beidou Genshin Impact Artifacts Full Counter Tips Build DPS and Sub DPS

2 Set Gladitor’s Finale increase ATK 18% and 2 Thundering Furry increase Electro Dmg Bonus 15%, HP-ATK-ATK-Electro Dmg-CR/CD

It’s a shame that the elemental reaction on electro is not adequate or you can say it doesn’t hurt for true electro itself and this artifact is very suitable for beidou itself but weapons determine artifacts too, depending on what weapons you have, for example on beidou characters on admin with stats:

Level: 80 (not ascending 90 yet)

ATK : 1900

Crit Rate : 51.6%

Crit Dmg : 182.1%

Weapon: Serpent Spine

Talent : 8-11-11

Dmg generated Tideceller/ Elemental Skill

Non Counter : 15k

One Hit Counter : 23k

Counter Reflex Dmg : 40k

Full Counter : 45k

The weapon determines the artifact used, remember, so whatever weapon you have, of course it has a stat requirement on your beidou, not to mention with beidou using a 5-star weapon

Currently the admin is using a 4-star weapon that I bought from gnostic hymn because this weapon is very suitable for all characters with a passive stack. but the lack of this weapon when the character is hit by the enemy will result in 3% dmg of the dmg

For elemental reactions in electro, for now, it is very, very unsatisfactory, for what kind of electro-dmg in the future Mihoyo will give a buff of the electro? let’s just see because later there will be a new elemental that is dendro


This is where the electro elemental reaction wins because as a Sub Dps of course in the electro charge elemental reaction it also has quite painful dmg for the enemy. For example, if paired with the Tartaglia combo when Beidou gives his elemental burst and a duet with the elemental skill from Tartaglia for a sick trigger elemental reaction, the trigger is Tartaglia himself from his elemental mastery, not from Beidou. More precisely, this electro recharge is said to be a combo atk spd.

For elemental reaction superconduct as a sub also has a decent effect by reducing the physical resistance of the enemy by 40%. Examples of combos between characters such as Eula, Kaeya, Rosaria work very well for thumping with physical dmg

2 Set Noblesee Oblige + 2 Set Thundering Furry

Beidou Genshin Impact Artifacts Full Counter Tips Build DPS and Sub DPS

2 Set Noblesee Oblige increase 20% Elemental Burst and 2 Set Thundering Furry increase 15% Electro Dmg, HP-ATK-ATK/EM,Electro Dmg-CR/CD

This artifact is very suitable to be used as a support role for beidou itself because from what we play the beidou elemental burst itself

For the elemental reaction Overload itself, namely the elemental reaction between pyro and electro, the dmg of the electro is still there and the pyro is changed to explosive dmg, like 2 dmg between pyro and electro. What determines the dmg overload is Elemental Mastery, but even though the Elemental Mastery is high, it’s still not felt/not maximized. Hopefully in the future electro will be buffed, good luck!

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