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AOV Rankings Here are the Most Complete Info -

AOV rank level

As users and players of AOV or Arena Of Valor moba games, of course you need to know the AOV rank level itself. The arena of valor moba game or known as AOV is a pretty interesting game. The moba genre and much in demand is one of the advantages of the AOV. There are many fans of this moba game and it is not inferior to other online moba which are widely provided on android smartphones. You can play AOV moba games with their own advantages and disadvantages. The best qualified graphics will be provided for all of you. You can enjoy an elegant and real impression with great satisfaction. A fairly wide map in the battlefield is also one of the things that is quite interesting.

Like other moba games, AOV moba games also have their own levels. This level which is often called “Rank” is the level of your ability. You can increase your rank by playing AOV moba in ranked match mode. Many levels of rank are provided, starting from the smallest or weakest, to the largest or strongest rank. For that, you need to know and understand the rank level of the AOV moba game. For a complete rating level review, please check the reviews below.

  • Bronze, is the smallest rank in the AOV game. This rank is filled with new players or newbe who are still learning heroes or compiling items to compete.
  • Silver, second rank or second level after successfully passing bronze, this one rank is mostly filled by players who are starting to understand about AOV games and how to play them.
  • Gold, then if you pass the silver rank, you can enter the gold rank where you can get free exclusive skins every season.
  • Platinum, at platinum rank, you will meet many professional players and become proficient in using several heroes. You can qualify for the next rank when you have passed 5 divisions.
  • Diamond, just like platinum rank, players need to pass 5 divisions by playing together or against pro players to advance to the highest rank.
  • Conqueror, the highest rank level in the AOV game is this conqueror, contains the best players and is difficult to beat. There is a title for the top 50 players, namely grand conqueror.

And that’s the complete and detailed AOV rank level that we can share with you. Please test your skills in the ranked match mode game and chase the highest rank to become a professional player. Happy playing and good luck.

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