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Among Us, Viral Slander Game 2021 -

slander game

Hearing the term Slander Game, there may still be some people who do not understand. Are you included in it? If yes, then consider the following explanation.

Among Us, a Game Known for Teaching Slander

Playing games is a very fun activity. Usually people will take advantage of playing this game as a spare time filler or while on vacation. But not a few people who are addicted to games until they don’t realize they spend many hours playing games.

Moreover, now the game can be played anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s through a smartphone, laptop or PC. plus many types of games that can even be downloaded for free so that many people who are lovers of light PC games and heavy games feel very pampered.

And recently appeared a game that is said to be a place of slander. Is that right? The game in question is Among Us. This game was released in 2021. Initially, this game made by InnerSloth from the United States was not very popular. It’s just that when many YouTubers start playing this game, gradually more and more people get to know this one game.

Since then, the Among Us game has begun to be loved by gamers around the world, including in Indonesia. This game has been downloaded by millions of people. But lately Among Us is getting more and more viral because it is said to be a game of slander. Curious how to play? Check out the information below.

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How to Play the Game Among Us

The Among Us game is indeed being discussed by people around the world. Since being popularized by the famous YouTuber PewDiePie, this game has been downloaded more and more by many people in the world. Then what is the game mechanism that is suspected to be the Game of Slander?

Basically, in the Among Us game, he divides the types of players into two types, namely ordinary people (crewmate) and disguisers (impostor). Impostor is tasked with killing other players. However, this impostor also has a deceptive nature where he can accuse other players (crewmate) of being the impostor. From this explanation, it can be concluded that this game teaches players to have expertise in manipulation and lying.

Both crewmate and impostor both have tasks to complete in order to win the game. Crewmate is in charge of finding out who is an impostor, cleaning up trash, downloading files and so on.

While the impostor, of course, had to get rid of all crewmate players and also carry out aircraft sabotage in secret or secretly so as not to be caught. This means that the impostor must do various ways so that he who is actually an impostor is not found out. One of them is slandering other players. This is the reason why Among Us is said to be a Defamation Game.

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