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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Free Fire Emulator

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Many people feel that playing Free Fire on a smartphone is very restrictive. For a player like this, the use of an emulator will be interesting. From one side, the Free Fire emulator seems interesting and superior. In addition to avoiding holding the smartphone, you can get more advanced settings.

Unfortunately, playing on the emulator is not always a positive. Those of you who want to consider whether playing on an emulator is suitable for your style, it’s better to first discuss the advantages and disadvantages below!

Advantages of Playing Using an Emulator

Here are the advantages of playing with emulators:

If you play on an emulator, you can use a controller and even a keyboard & mouse. This game tool is much more accurate than the touch screen. For many people, this way of playing is much better than playing on a smartphone.

  • Better Game Display

Because it uses power from the computer, the game display can be made better. Starting from FPS above 60 to sharper graphics can be enjoyed. For those who have a low-spec smartphone but a high-spec computer, you can try playing the Free Fire emulator. Definitely a much different gaming experience.

Disadvantages of Playing with Emulator

Here are the drawbacks of playing with the emulator:

The first problem is that it is not portable. If you play mobile games because you can take it everywhere, you certainly can’t feel it playing with a computer. If you play on a smartphone, you can open the game in the middle of the train journey home, on the bed to the bathroom while defecating.

From a safety standpoint, you could also be in danger. The emulator of course takes smartphone simulation data. The account entered here will be shared with the emulator system. But are you sure this emulator is not leaking your account information?

Many unverified emulators are used to play this FF game. If you choose the wrong emulator, your account security will not be maintained. Starting from passwords to important accounts (Google or Apple) can also be hacked.

Many parties have also been banned when playing FF on the emulator. Garena can detect emulator access as unauthorized access. Because it’s not from a smartphone, the signal you get can also be different. Players on the emulator also often use cheats from the computer. Because of this, Garena provides special protection from access outside of mobile.


From the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages above, you can imagine the conclusion for yourself. On the one hand, the ease of playing is definitely more pronounced. If the computer specs are good, Garena FF games can feel more comfortable. In terms of graphics and control, the emulator is definitely superior.

But on the other hand, security and portable features can be lost. Those of you who like to play on the bus while coming home from campus, or like to play while lying down will definitely lose this ability. In terms of security, you can also accuse yourself of being a cheater if it is discovered that your access is not legit. Many accounts on the emulator ended up getting banned because of this.

From the explanation above, please decide for yourself whether playing the Free Fire emulator is still worth it. Hopefully the above discussion can help you decide how to play the most appropriate.

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