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7 Money-Making Android Applications 2021, Only HP Capital!

Someone who often looks at the smartphone screen tends to have a bad impression. However, this assumption is not always true. The reason is, currently there are many money-making applications from Android.

That way, you can replace these negative assumptions by doing productive things, such as making money from Android.

Well, here Babang recommends several applications that you can use to make real money, especially without capital though.

Cash for Apps

The way this application works is almost similar to other money-making applications. Here, you just need to download some of the requested apps.

After that, you will receive some points. To convert it into real money or rupiah, you must have a minimum of 3,000 points. The procedure for disbursement can be done via PayPal.

Cash for Apps on Play Store


appKarma allows you to install apps, play apps, invite friends, and take quizzes to earn money.

Well, there is something interesting about appKarma. The interesting thing is that there is a VIP offer that is quite tempting for its users. However, first you must have a YouTube channel with a number of subscribers reaching 1000.

If you have fulfilled this, appKarma will give you a VIP offer that contains a special code with a large reward for sure. If the points have been successfully collected, you can exchange them into money via PayPal.

appKarma on Play Store

Read Plus

As the name implies, this application asks you to read news or posts on Baca Plus to make money. Not only that, you can also increase the coffers of money by completing certain missions.

So, not only to increase knowledge and information, you can also increase income through this application. Definitely interesting isn’t it?

Read Plus on Play Store


Want to make cash selling photos? If so, an application called Foap is a must for you to use.

The application is intended for you Android and iOS users. Well, here you can upload as many photos as you want regardless of whether the photo is good or not.

If you want to make $100 per sale, your photos need to be upvoted by fellow users. So, try to present your best photos.

Payment can be made via PayPal.

Foap on Play Store


iPoll will pay when you successfully complete the survey presented. iPoll is also one of the proven money-making applications. This app pays via PayPal, Amazon, and also iTunes vouchers.

iPoll on Play Store


This dollar-generating app allows you to watch high-quality movie trailers while making money.

You need to know, AppTrailers will reward you $ 0.50 to $ 1 when you have downloaded the application presented.

AppTrailers on Play Store

Make Money

Make Money and BigCash promise to pay money via PayPal or voucher (gift card) with a fairly large rate.

There are also various gift cards given, such as Google Play, Steam, iTunes, and others. As for the amount of money, if you have 2500 coins, then you will get $15.

Well, for the last application that Babang recommended, it also gives you 20% of the income of friends who successfully enter and 10% if you invite friends.

Make Money on Play Store

The final word

So that’s a recommendation for a money-making app on an Android phone. By using the applications above, you can gradually collect money to buy credit or other things, isn’t it?

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