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7 List of Emoticons whose Emoji's Meaning is Often Wrong! -

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The use of emoticons or signs of facial emotion or posture, in a conversation lately is considered a very natural thing. As a complement to your expression when you are saying something clearly. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are some emoticon signs whose images and meanings of emojis are often wrong when used.

  1. Both palms stick together

This is an emoticon that is often misunderstood. Lots of people think that the meaning of this emoji is praying. But there are also those who think that this emoticon is like someone who is toasting, or high-five.

Actually, the meaning of this emoticon is a Japanese hand gesture that shows thanks after finishing eating, or it can also be used as an apology.

  1. Puffy lips

Bending the lips forward, or another term for pouting lips, is usually defined as a person who is whistling. But the real meaning of this emoji is someone who is kissing something. Whether it’s a long distance kiss, or also liking certain objects.

  1. Puffy lips with a heart in front

An emoticon with pursed lips towards the front, one eye blinking, and a heart mark on the front. Then this means is a distant kiss. Or people know him better by the term kiss bye. Actually the official name of this emoticon is Face Throwing a Kiss.

  1. Pointing index finger up

Another emoticon that is also often misunderstood is pointing the index finger up. The meaning of this emoticon does not mean referring to the reviews on it. But the meaning is a symbol to ask, a symbol to answer, and also a symbol to participate in a certain event.

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  1. Face Draw a face with an eye symbol X

For those of you who think that this emoticon with eyes with an X shape and a mouth that forms the letter O is a symbol of the dead, then you are very wrong. This one symbol, is an emoticon for a face that is astonished, shocked or shocked.

  1. Spinning star symbol
    1. If you see an emoticon with an image of a star that appears to be spinning, then don’t be misunderstood, as a shooting star. The true meaning of this symbol is a spinning head or a headache/dizziness. You must have seen this image in some of the best manga or anime images you’ve ever watched.
  2. Emoji with eyes that look bent towards the center

If you want to use an emoticon symbol with eyes that look narrowed towards the center, as a sign that you are disappointed, then you are very wrong. This emoticon is a symbol for the emotion of fatigue.

From the above review, have you ever made the mistake of using the emoticon above to mean something else? If so, it might not matter. But in the future, you should be more careful in using the emoticon in question, so that the meaning of the emoji or the purpose of using the emotion becomes clearer.

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