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6 New Functions of iOS 14 and Supported Devices For Ios 14

  6 New Functions of iOS 14 and Supporting Devices For Ios 14

6 New Functions of iOS 14 and Supporting Devices For Ios 14

This is the biggest update of the year for your iPhone: iOS 14! For iPad there is iPadOS 14. What’s new? Does it also work on your iPhone? You can read all of them in this article!

6 New Functions of iOS 14 and Supporting Devices For Ios 14
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1. Widgets

We’ve known widgets on the iPhone for a while: they display information from an app without you having to open the app. Until now, they were a bit hidden, but in iOS 14 you just place them between your apps. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large, and almost every Apple app has a widget. And of course application developers can also create widgets.

2. App Library

Everyone has their own method of setting up an app, but none is truly ideal. Now there App Library. All your apps are automatically categorized in a convenient way; Thanks to a clever trick, your iPhone has found the app before you searched thoroughly. App Library so useful that you can hide your home screen from now on.

3. More compact functions

Apple has chosen to make many functions that are still fullscreen, much more compact in the future. This way, incoming calls take up only a small part of your screen – useful when you’re playing games. Also new is picture-in-picture, where video (FaceTime) occupies only a small part of the screen.

4. Order

Your chats in Messages become more organized. You can pin important conversations, so they’re always at the top of your summary. And there are some improvements to group conversations. You can respond to a specific message, or say hello to someone in particular. Group conversations are now easier to identify with a photo or (m) emoji.

5. App Clips

Application Clip or App Clips is a small part of an application that is intended for a specific task. Such clips have a maximum size of 10 MB and are downloaded and ready to use in a few seconds. A kind of mini app, in other words. How can it be useful? For example if you have to pay somewhere through a parking app.

You get it on your iPhone via a link in Safari, Maps or Messages, for example. But there are also QR-like codes designed by Apple that will soon have to be found in stores and restaurants, for example.

6. Translation App

This year, the Translate app made its debut on iOS. What we do know is that he translated between eleven languages. However, we hope that we can already use this application because the translation from, for example, Japanese or Italian into English has helped a lot. Safari will also have a button that will allow users to translate entire web pages.

7. And more

We’ve outlined the most notable new features above, but there’s a lot more! Small but great selection of new functions! Decide for yourself what your default browser or email application is. Share your app subscriptions with your family. Tap the back of your device for special promotions. Search engine for emojis. Optimized charging of your AirPods. Mirror selfie. The list is almost endless!

Which iPhones get iOS 14? Does it also work on your iPhone? For iOS 14 you need an iPhone 6s or later, these are all iOS 14 supported devices:

iPhone 11 Pro (Max)

iPhone 11

iPhone SE (second generation)

iPhone XS (Max)

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone 8 (Plus)

iPhone 7 (Plus)

iPhone 6s (Plus)

iPhone SE (first generation)

iPod touch (7th generation)

iOS 14 also runs on the iPhone 12 which will soon be launched in the market.

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