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6 Hero Counter Baxia Mobile Legends

Baxia is a tanker hero that is quite strong and troublesome. Because this hero can turn into a wheel, it can move quickly and if it hits an enemy it will stun. In addition, Baxia’s second skill can reduce the movement speed of the opponent’s hero so that it is easy to defeat.

Ultimate hero Baxia can emit fire in the area it passes, therefore this skill is very suitable for use when there is a gang war.

Hero Counter Baxia Mobile Legends

But behind his troublesome skills, you can also counter Baxia with the heroes that Babang will recommend below

X Borg

The first hero you can use to defeat Baxia is X Borg. The reason is that you definitely know because this fighter hero has unreasonable damage, even though Baxia is a tanker hero but X Borg has very large true damage so even tank heroes can’t move with X Borg.

In addition, the X Borg skill is a long-range skill and the cooldown of the skill is quite short so it is very easy to beat Baxia.


The next hero is Sun, because the weakness of the Baxia wheel is when it hits the opponent’s minion or hero. Likewise, Sun’s bunshin can also stop Baxia’s wheels from going far.

Sun also has a fairly large DPS so it is very fast to beat Baxia.


Next is Karrie, who is the best tank destroyer marksman hero in Mobile Legend, with high attack speed, crit rate and true damage so no tank can move when they meet Karrie.

Because it makes Karrie a counter to all tanks including Baxia, with skill 2 Karrie can also dodge when from Baxia’s wheels easily so there is no need to be afraid of being stun.


Hero fighter with the slowest attack speed in Mobile Legend, but you should not underestimate Terizla because it has a very large brust damage so it can easily defeat Baxia.

In addition, Terizla also has crowd control skills to prevent Baxia from doing wheel skills.


The hero for the next Baxia counter is Nana. This hero is a support type hero whose skills are quite annoying because it has crowd control skills that can make the opponent’s hero turn into a rabbit so he can’t do skills.

This hero is very suitable as a Baxia counter because it can make Baxia unable to do annoying wheel skills.


The next hero as Baxia’s counter is Wanwan. The reason is because Wanwan is a marksman hero who has the ability to attack while dodging so it is very suitable for fighting Baxia.

Wanwan’s Ultimate Skill is also quite annoying because it can attack and lock targets so Baxia can’t run away when Wanwan ulti.

So that’s the best Baxia hero counter that you can pick when playing Mobile Legends (ML) games. With the hero counter above you don’t need to be confused when dealing with Baxia.

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