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5 Best PC Cashier Apps to Start a Business!

The PC cashier application aka the POS (Point of Sale) application is usually used in offices, shops, cafes, and other business locations.

Not only used by physical retail outlets, but the application can also be used in online stores.

With the presence of the POS application, you will be greatly helped by the features offered. Such as recording all sales transactions, calculating the total budget, taxes, and so on.

Cashier Application Benefits

Before going into the series of applications, it is important for you to know the many benefits of having a cashier application.

1. Security System

The security system here aims to avoid financial leakage. Well, what is meant by financial leakage is that there is a mismatch between the amount of money received and the stock that comes out (fraud).

With the POS application, the amount of money received with the stock that comes out will be right. Not only that, you can also monitor your business anywhere and anytime.

2. Business Analysis

Having accurate and fast reports certainly makes it easier for you to analyze your business.

With the support of the application, you will no longer be afraid of inaccuracies and speed of business reports that can cause your business to close immediately.

3. Time Efficiency

As your business grows, you will definitely lose a little free time. Well, the presence of a cashier application here allows you to no longer need to manually record all sales transactions.

This way, you can use your free time to create new innovations in your business or for other positive things.

4. Cash Control

You can also manage cash easily. The reason is, the cashier application can add up the total transactions in one day, one week, one month, even as long as you have the application.

These calculations can help you manage your financial cash appropriately.

5. Increased Profit

The main purpose of establishing a business is profit. Yes, with the support of the cashier application, it is possible for you to increase your profits.

The reason is, from the benefits it has, such as recording sales transactions, complete financial analysis, and others, it will also support the running of the business.

5 Best Cashier Apps on PC

After knowing the benefits of having a POS application, proceed to the list of the best cashier applications that Babang recommends as follows.

Moka POS

Moka POS is the best cloud-based PC cashier application that can help you manage various things.

Both from making menus, viewing transactions, checking stock, and other benefits.

This application also provides reports in real time and can be used online or offline.

Well, to use the Moka application, you are required to pay IDR 250 thousand per month.

One more thing, Moka POS appears in the form of applications based on iOS and Android.



Next came an app called Money Vend designed for the iPad and used by retail businesses.

Whether it’s used to manage inventory, sales, and customers on an affordable budget.

Vend is also a flexible application because it supports data entry with a touch screen or keyboard and mouse.

Not only that, Vend can also work offline. However, we emphasize again, this application is only designed for iPad users.


Square Register

The next cashier application is Square Register. By using this application, you can make payments via Android or iOS features anywhere.

This system also allows to accept payments via credit and debit cards.

For other roles, the app offers features such as item management, realtime sales, and stock tracking.

Best of all, Square Register offers intelligent reports, analytics for users, insight into operations, and is able to make smart decisions.


True POS

TruePOS comes from a British POS company. You need to know, this application has 2 types.

First, is the free version that is suitable for use by SMEs that only support 1 cashier with less than 100 transactions per month.

The second version is a paid version, which can be used in all business scales to retail enterprises with complete features.

Not only that, True POS also has an integrated system that can be accessed from several devices at the cash register, PC, or mobile.


Octopus Solution

Finally, an application called Octopus Solution appears. Octupus offers complete features, is easy to operate, and is specially designed for small and medium-sized retail businesses.

Whether it’s an electronics store, clothes, computers, and so on.

Not only that, you will also feel the ease of making effective and fast transaction payments.

Both payments from multiple credit cards, easy-to-use product displays, inventory management programs, and reports that are accurate and can be seen directly.


The final word

So that’s a list of recommended software used for the cashier. By looking at the benefits, of course, the cashier application is very important to use to start a business so that you can monitor expenses and income accurately. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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