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2 Easy and Fast Ways to Borrow AXIS Credits (2021)

Credit credit is one of the services that you can get when using Axis or XL Axiata cards.

How to Borrow AXIS Alert Credit

This service can be used when you need credit in a very urgent situation. Well, but to borrow credit, of course there are terms and conditions that you must understand first.

For those of you who want to try borrowing Axis credit, the following will be discussed by Babang in this post.

Axis Credit Credit Terms and Conditions

As Babang mentioned, there are several terms and conditions that you must fulfill when you want to borrow credit at the Axis provider.

The following are the terms and conditions for borrowing Axis credit:

  • Your Axis or XL Axiata number has been active for 360 days.
  • This service can only be used by prepaid card users.
  • Had time to top up the credit within the last 30 days.
  • Your card is active and always reloads at least once a month.

More or less that can be concluded, if you are a new user of Axis, then you are not able to use this service.

How to Borrow Axis Credit

If you have fulfilled the terms and conditions, then you can start borrowing credit. The trick can be via SMS or USSD code. Here’s the guide:

1. Via SMS

How to Borrow AXIS Emergency Credit
AXIS Alert Credit via SMS

To borrow Axis credit, you can send an “Emergency” or “Special” message after that send it to 911. Then Axis will confirm in the form of a reply regarding credit lending.

Complete like this:

  1. Open the Messages / SMS application on your cellphone
  2. After that type Emergency or SPECIAL, send to 911
  3. Wait a few moments, then you will get a reply regarding credit lending
  4. Later you will receive an SMS how much credit you can borrow, reply Y or OK to confirm the Axis credit loan.
  5. If successful, the credit will be added automatically to your number.
  6. Finished.

2. Via USSD Code

How to Borrow AXIS Emergency Credit
AXIS Alert Credit via Dial Pad

Not only via SMS, you can also borrow credit via USSD code. The trick is more or less the same, it’s just that the process through this USSD code is faster.

The following are the steps for borrowing Axis credit via USSD code:

  1. First please open the Dial Pad (Call).
  2. After that contact *911#.
  3. Later, a Pulse Alert notification will appear. For the nominal, it is generally adjusted to the card you use.
  4. If you are sure you want to borrow Pulsa Siaga, please press the number according to the nominal that will be selected.
  5. Confirm by selecting an option Carry on.
  6. Check the credit you have, if successful, your credit will increase.
  7. Finished.

AXIS Credit Borrowing Fee

The amount of the Axis credit loan fee is determined from the nominal amount you want. The larger the nominal pulse that you want to borrow, the higher the cost required.

The following are the costs for borrowing AXIS credit:

Loan Amount
Credit (Rp)
Cost (Rp)

Credit Deduction Notes

If you have borrowed AXIS credit, when you reload, the credit will be automatically deducted according to the nominal + fee as Babang called (multiple).

For example, you borrow Rp. 2,000 credit at a cost of Rp. 400. So when you top up your Rp. 10,000, the credit will automatically be deducted by Rp. 2,400 from the total credit loan. And the rest will be the main pulse.


So that’s how you can borrow credit on your AXIS card. This service is certainly very useful at an important time but your credit runs out and is far from the credit counter. And if you have questions about this article, you can write them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck!

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