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15 Best Simulator Games to Release in 2021

In 2021 there are many simulator games that you can play. There are various types of simulator games, including driving planes, buses, trucks, and others. In 2021 there will be a simulator game that will be released. What are those games? Listen below

Cyberpunk Detective

In the first place is Cyberpunk Detective, a simulator game developed by CyberPsychos. The game allows players to experience being a detective in a cyberpunk world. Through the trailer that has been shared, Cyberpunk Detective looks promising because it comes with good graphics and gameplay quality.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a sequel that will be released by Ultimate Games in 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. Almost the same as the previous game, players will feel the thrill of a more realistic fishing experience.

Moreover, there will be new features, including; features a third-person camera, improved graphics, and more importantly, gameplay features such as dynamic water and AI controlled fish.


Teardown is a fairly unique simulator game, where the game is similar to Minecraft only with better physics and visualization. The game is voxel-based which introduces areas that allow creative freedom but have elements of the laws of physics in them.

As a result, players will experience how a house can be smashed to pieces when hit by a truck, or make a big explosion and see how it turns out.

Lifeguard Simulator

Lifeguard Simulator is a simulator game announced by Forestlight Games and PlayWay SA in May 2021. The game is an adaptation of the 1990s tv series, namely Baywatch. In this game, players will play as a lifeguard who performs various rescue tasks and keeps beach tourists safe.

Ninja Simulator

How does it feel to be a ninja? Well, it seems that this problem will soon be answered through a simulator game called Ninja Simulator. This game developed by RockGames SA allows the player to become a ninja. Through the trailer that was shared, it seems that this game will appear with good graphics and looks promising.

Offroad Mechanic Simulator

Had a dream of owning an offroad car that costs fantastic? Now you can immediately feel it through a simulator game entitled Offroad Mechanic Simulator. The reason is, in this game players will feel how to drive an offroad car on various extreme tracks. Not only that, players can also repair, upgrade, and wash the offroad car.

Redneck Party

Redneck Party is a unique simulator game developed by Titan GameZ. In this game, players will feel the thrill of driving a truck or bigfoot monster truck with good graphics.

Seen in the trailer that was shared, in this game players not only feel like driving a truck, but can upgrade every part of the truck and modify it to make it look cooler.

Medic: Pacific Corpsman

Medic: Pacific Corpsman is a simulator game that allows the player to become a doctor on the battlefield. Set in World War 2, players must be able to save wounded troops on the battlefield. Of course, there are challenges that must be experienced, from the procedure for stopping injuries, to preparing various equipment to save the injured soldier.

Jungle House

Jungle House is a simulator game that is motivated by the video content of the YouTube Jungle Survival account. Where in this game players will feel how to build a house or residence in the middle of the forest. Using existing resources, players must dig, create a foundation, until they start to form the building of their dreams.

Professional Offroad Transport

Professional Offroad Transport is a simulator game similar to SnowRunner, where players will be tasked with driving various types of offroad vehicles with extreme trajectories. Players will be able to control vehicles ranging from trucks and excavators to complete each given transport mission.

I am Your Principal

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a school principal? Now a simulator game titled I am Your Principal allows players to feel like being a school principal. Where players are required to make sure the school they lead can run well and handle every naughty child at school.

American Motorcycle Simulator

The life of a big motorcyclist in America is interpreted with negative things and a free life. But is it really like that? Now, through a simulator game called American Motorcycle Simulator, players will feel what the life of a motorcycle rider in America is like. Through the trailer that has been shared, it appears that players will be able to do various activities, such as playing billiards, modifying motorbikes, to gambling.

Animal Shelter

If you don’t have the opportunity to raise animals, this simulator game called Animal Shelter could be the answer. In this game, you will be able to take care of various animals and build your own cage.


Paralives is a life simulation game similar to The Sims 4. In this game players will be able to build their own lives as they wish. Has gameplay like The Sims 4, only Paralives appears with better graphics and some interesting features.

Animal Rescue

Lastly, Animal Rescue is a simulator game that allows players to become an animal rescuer. As an animal savior, the player’s task is to save animals in various circumstances, ranging from rescuing in disaster areas, and so on.

So those are some simulator games that will be released in 2021, guaranteed to be fun for those of you who like simulator games.