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10+ Indonesian Official and Free Online IQ Test Sites

IQ stands for Intelligent Quotient, where this variable is a measure or measure of intelligence that a person has.

There are various methods for measuring IQ scores, one of which is an online IQ test which can also be used as a very accurate means of measuring a person’s intelligence.

This test is also very meaningful for various things, ranging from knowing one’s own abilities, training the sensitivity of the brain, even as a reference for someone who wants to have a career in a certain field.

For those of you who want to know your IQ score, Babang will provide a very accurate list of official and free online IQ test sites in Indonesia in 2021. Who knows, you will understand your abilities better!

With people’s understanding of the importance of IQ increasing, many are looking for free and accurate online IQ tests on the internet. In order to be a common reference, here Babang shows a row of official intelligence test sites that you can use!

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This logic, number, and image IQ test is very popular and accurate that you can use, considering that the indicators and instruments are adapted to international intelligence test standards.

Later, you will find various types of questions and questions that are quite challenging and take a long time to do.

But don’t be afraid, this online IQ test site is guaranteed to be official, free, and 100% accurate, guys! Even though he uses English, his style of language is categorized as simple and easy to understand.

IQ Test at

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Still one with the number 1 personality test site in the world, you can get free and accurate online IQ and personality test facilities here.

Of course this is very useful, especially if you want to apply for jobs in various small or large-scale companies.

Uniquely, some of the most trusted and best job search applications entrust accurate online IQ tests on this site. Counting you can practice working on the questions which are quite challenging, guys!

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Are you looking for an online IQ test in Indonesian? This is where it is! No need to worry, this site has provided Indonesian language features so you don’t have trouble mastering the problems.

arealme. com also introduces a mental age test which is essential for getting to know yourself better, plus an accurate test to find out which job is right for you.

Cool again, you can also find out emotional intelligence through the Goleman EQ test, which is popular, accurate and reliable. Plus, you can take a special test to find out if you are left or right brain dominant.


Photo source: Intellites

The next free online IQ test that you must try is Intellitest. Here, you will get points in the form of points that are obtained after successfully answering various questions.

To get it, you must first create a new account here. Later you can fill in your personal information including the insights you already have.

What makes this site different from others, after completing the given task, you can get an e-certificate that contains your IQ score in detail. Very cool isn’t it?


Photo source: FunEducation

This site presents approximately 43 questions, including word analysis, spatial knowledge, insight into numbers and letters, and so on.

Although using English as the main introduction, you can still do it because it is not so difficult and tends to be simple. You can also use the best offline English dictionary app while learning new vocabulary.

Not only that, this free online IQ test site is also quite widely used by various organizations and small start-up companies. So do you believe more?


Photo source: Memorado

Have you tried Memorando? This Memorando IQ test site provides a variety of questions that are very easy to understand and adapt to test needs.

What makes it fun, this online IQ test site presents Indonesian which is very easy to understand. Not only that, this site is guaranteed to be official, free, and accurate.

The cool thing is, the questions given are not too many and the time required tends to be less. Of course, you will get rid of boredom, guys!

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Tired of the same online IQ test sites? You can try to open and work on the questions in Allthetests.

Here, the developers intend to present various kinds of test questions that are fun and not boring because they are designed in an interesting way.

Not only that, this site is also equipped with test results as well as very useful guides and tricks for you to develop yourself. What are you waiting for, hurry up and take this accurate free online IQ test!

IQ Test Prep

Photo source: IQ Test Prep

One of the best online IQ tests that you must try is IQ Test Prep. Later you will face approximately 50 questions which are divided into different sub-divisions and times.

Starting from the IQ test of logic, numbers, pictures, building spaces, and so on, what you will do in order to know your brain intelligence score as well as your personality better.

Well, what distinguishes it from other sites, here you can correct answers that you feel are wrong. At the end of the test, you will be told your total IQ score will be compared with the average IQ score of other test takers.


Photo source: Learnmyself

Not wanting to be outdone by other sites, Learnmyself introduces an IQ test with a unique and anti-mainstream method. Later, you will be faced with questions related to memory, problem solving analysis, and so on.

This site also helps you find IQ and character test scores, from which you can measure the intelligence of your brain and personality.

Even though you use English, you don’t need to worry because the language used is categorized as light and very easy to understand.

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If you are looking for an Indonesian online IQ test site, this site is the answer. Not only free and accurate, you can also easily master the instructions and questions given.

Not only that, this site is categorized as light, so it can be opened on various types of cellphones or laptops with very small or poor internet connections.

Through a series of questions about logic, drawing, building space, and so on, this free and official online IQ test is sure to be accurate for you.

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Free-IQTest. net is one of the best sites that provide free IQ tests online. Later, you just need to put your date of birth to get started.

With a total of 20 questions, you will face several types of questions in the form of multiple choice, with true or false alternatives.

Because the problem is easy, this online IQ test can also be used for children. Cool, your IQ score will be compared with the IQ scores of popular figures throughout history, you know!

Brain Metrixs Free IQ Test

Photo source: Brain Metrix’s Free IQ Test

Brain Metrixs Free IQ Test also has 20 questions in multiple choice format. The questions are also fairly easy to do for all ages.

Total processing time is about 5 minutes. After completion, you will immediately be shown the results of the IQ score along with complete details.

For the results displayed alone include IQ indicators in general, for example Normal for scores of 90-109 and Genius for scores of more than 140.

So that’s a list of 12 recommendations for the best, official and free IQ test sites that you can try, hopefully it’s useful and good luck!