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10 Best Simulator Games on PC and Laptop, Great Soul!

For those of you game fans who are tired of the moba and battle royale genres, it might be a good idea to try a simulator game. By playing a simulator game, you can hone your skills according to the simulator game being played. For example driving buses, trucks, organizing cities and other simulator games.

Well, because of that Babang will provide recommendations for the best simulator games that you can play on PC or Laptop devices. Please take a look!

Railway Empire

The game Railway Empire is set from 1830 to 1930 and takes place in the United States. Here, players can build railroads and buy various locomotives to serve industrial and developing cities.

Not only that, players can also hire workers to operate on trains or place them in the office. All of that can be arranged according to their character type. This game has several game levels that can be played, such as Campaign mode, Scenario mode, Free mode and Sandbox mode.

In 2021, the game’s developers offered DLC packages or downloadable content that players could purchase by adding additional locomotives and new areas. They include the Great Lakes area (Canada and USA), Mexico, South America, UK & Ireland, Germany, France and Northern Europe (Scandinavia).

Football Manager 2021

For those of you who want to try to become a football coach or manager, this one game is a must play. In this game, players can later take over a club or overcome the national team of countries listed in FIFA.

In Football Manager 19, players can also of course buy players to join the club they train. Not only that, players can manage club finances, share instructions with players, and set strategies to win matches every week.

In accordance with the new regulations, this game also runs the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system that has been implemented in European leagues. This game offers football clubs from various continents, such as Africa, Asia (including Australia), Europe, North America, and South America.

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific is a submarine simulation game for the Microsoft Windows platform developed by Ubisoft Bucharest and published by Ubisoft. In this game, players will take on the role of commander of a submarine belonging to the United States during World War II which took place in the Pacific Ocean.

The game offers various game levels that each player can try, such as Career, Single War Patrol and Single Battle Engagements. The functional system in each ship mostly uses aspects of a war submarine that are in accordance with its era.

With the aspect of originality in the submarine, players can really feel how realistic this game is. The game is designed so that players can quickly understand the ins and outs of ships by manually controlling the crew management system, operation of radar, sonar, torpedo weapons and trigonometric targets.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

In this game, players can drive trucks, pick up cargo from various locations and send it to its destination by crossing mainland Europe. According to the Steam Spy website, the game has sold over 5 million units on Steam in July 2021.

The player can decide on a location or base on the map as the starting city in the game. Next, players will be hired and hired by a delivery company with trucks that have been provided along with all costs for fuel, toll roads, and ferry crossings.

When the player has made enough money, he can buy trucks and garages. With these purchased trucks, players can make more money by delivering cargo or hiring non-character players as hired drivers.

Train Sim World

Train Sim World ( TSW) is a train simulation game developed by Dovetail Games. This game is the successor of Train Simulator which was released around 2009. This game itself uses gameplay mechanics from a first-person perspective.

The first-person perspective will be displayed when players are completing tasks such as refueling, changing electric switches and others. Not only that, players will also be able to use the tutorial feature in this game to be able to play Train Sim World well.

This game itself already exists on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 consoles and of course appears on PC devices. Train Sim World( TSW) features 3 playable routes, such as the Great Western Express, Rapid Transit, and Northeast Corridor, New York.

Two Point Hospital

Players will take on the role of a hospital manager who is tasked with building and maintaining a hospital located in a fictional area called Two Point County. The tasks that players will undergo include building facilities such as toilets, staff rooms, reception desks, cafes, vending machines and others.

Not only such tasks, players can recruit doctors, nurses, janitors and assistants to protect the hospital. With professional doctors that they already have, players must ensure that sick sufferers recover.

The funny and unique thing about this game is that when patients die, they sometimes become ghosts that disturb the hospital by terrorizing patients and staff. To overcome this, players can choose a janitor who has supernatural skills to eliminate the ghosts.

Planet Coaster

Before starting to play this game, players must first create their own avatar or profile. Next, players can choose 3 game levels consisting of Sandbox, Challenge, and Career modes.

Sandbox mode requires players to build their own amusement park on a vacant plot of land. In this mode, the player has unlimited financial funds.

For Challenge mode, players must build an amusement park in an empty place but with limited funds and research. The challenges in this mode depend on the difficulty level selected later, there are easy, normal and hard levels.

Career mode is no less exciting. Players can continue the game by completing scenarios through various levels of difficulty. Players must complete objectives, such as building a roller coaster, getting a good park rating or hiring a janitor.

Cooking Simulator

This cooking game requires players to prepare various dishes using more than 140 ingredients. There are various game modes in Cooking Simulator which consist of Career Mode, Sandbox Mode, Cooking School and Leaderboard Challenge, Winter Holidays, and SUPERHOT Challenge.

In Career mode, players take control of the kitchen while gradually gaining fame and levels of experience by serving dishes to order. Sandbox mode offers a fully equipped kitchen with no time restrictions. Cooking School is a tutorial game, on the other hand in the Leaderboard Challenge players must compete by preparing dishes according to recipes.

Meanwhile, Winter Holidays mode offers a new kitchen and players are required to serve dinner for several guests with special spices. On the other hand, for SUPERHOT Challenge, this mode is an added feature by introducing a new mechanic that slows down time when the player is not moving.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a city-building simulation game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Players take part in urban planning by managing various aspects, such as zoning, road placement, taxation, public services, and public transportation.

Players are required to maintain various elements of the city, including financial budgets, health, jobs, and pollution levels. Players can also defend the city in Sandbox mode by giving more creative freedom throughout the game.

The game was first released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems in 2021. Next in 2021, Cities: Skylines was converted to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The game was a commercial success with over 6 million copies sold worldwide. platforms until March 2021.

Project Cars 2

Project CARS 2 offers 140 race circuits in 60 different locations and there are 189 cars that can be used. The game features realistic track temperatures and weather, so when players are racing on a circuit, the area around them will feel alive and dynamic.

The game now features offroad driving with a racing arena and rally cars. Not only that, there are new types of cars that join this game, such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Honda, Acura and Nissan. Project Cars 2 can be played in virtual reality (VR) up to 12K resolution with support for 3 screens.

So those are the 10 best simulator games for PC and Laptop that you should try! Enjoy!