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10+ Best Loli Anime Recommendations, What Are?


This anime has many loli characters in it. Tells about a club called GJ, a club that contains teenage girls who generally occupy an unused school building. The members also have different characters, from the know-it-all to the mysterious who is always hungry.

Maybe you can get a certain pleasure when watching the anime. Yes, there is nothing wrong if you end up idolizing one of the characters in it.

Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon

This anime is also quite unique and adorable. Anime Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon has a very unique loli character. The character named Kanna Kamui is a dragon that can turn into a human.

However, he is not an imitation dragon whose job is to eat humans. Kanna Kamui is a cute and adorable character when he becomes a human. His unique behavior will also make you more addicted to following the anime storyline.

Himouto Umaru-Chan

Umaru’s character is already very popular among anime lovers. Himouto Umaru-Chan is one of the recommended anime for young people that is worth watching. This anime tells about the loli character in this anime, Umaru, who has 2 personalities that are displayed on different occasions.

Umaru is a charming woman with all her behavior at school. However, she suddenly becomes a spoiled and lazy girl when she is at home. Of course it’s adorable isn’t it when you meet Umaru in real life.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life is actually an isekai anime about the world of online games. The main characters are 2 brothers named Sora and Shiro. Okay, forget about Sora, the reliable gamer in this anime. Let’s focus on Shiro, a loli character who is no less great at playing various games.

Sora and Shiro also get a challenge to compete in a game. As it turned out, the challenge was sent by a game god from another world. Of course, this exciting story can be more refreshing because Shiro is doing the adventure.


Those of you who like the character of high school students will certainly like Himegoto anime. The story begins with a character named Hime Arikawa who turns out to be obliged to pay off his parents’ debt. To pay it off, he had to think hard about paying it off until he finally agreed to join his school’s student council.

Hime also had to obey everything that was ordered by the people in the organization in order to earn money. She also spent her youth always wearing a uniform and dressing like a cute young woman.

Sora No Method

While in other loli anime, it brings annoyance from the character’s behavior, but in the anime Sora No Method brings a touching storyline from the characters. This story begins with a young girl named Komiya Nonoka along with her best friend trying to summon a strange object in the sky, but failed

Several years after that, Komiya Nonoka meets a mysterious person who wears a strange outfit named Noel. The two of them also end up getting along and going through various ups and downs together. In the end, Noel also said the reason he met Komiya.

Anne Happy

This anime also has teenage female characters who are definitely kawaii. They are members of the Tennomufune Academy. This group contains children who are always unlucky in life.

Despite the unfortunate story, they try to find a happy life together. Well, it must be pretty adorable, right, if there’s a group of young women who want to live a better life.

Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation

No less exciting and adorable than other anime, the Choujigen Game Neptunia The Animation anime has a lot of female characters and of course there are loli characters. In this anime world, there are 4 states ruled by female leaders who are often called goddesses. Over the years, the 4 countries have always fought to defeat each other.

At some point, these goddesses decided to carry out a truce and promote peace. They also promised to share knowledge with other countries. However, one of the goddesses didn’t do her job well enough to cause chaos.

Kuma Miko

This anime takes place in the snowy mountains in northern Japan. There lived a young girl who lived with a bear. This bear character can speak human language and is the guardian of this young girl.

One day, the girl also decided to leave the mountains and go to the city to go to school. The bear also gave some small training for the girl so that she can survive while living in the city later.

Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinisai!

Yuuta Segawa is still continuing his studies at a university in Japan. One day, his older sister Yuri asked him to protect his children while he was out of town. Unfortunately, the plane that his brother was traveling in faced an accident.

Yuuta also has to take on his new task of becoming a father figure in the lives of these 3 poor girls. On the one hand, he also had to continue his studies to completion. Even though it’s actually Yuuta’s character who is the main character, you can still get funny actions from 3 young girl characters in this anime.

Azure Lane

This anime is an adaptation of a game that is Azure Lane. This anime tells about a warship in human form. But the thing you need to know, in this anime besides war between ships, there are also many loli that can cheer you up.

Like Laffy, Ayanami, Javelin, Unicorn and other loli. Guaranteed cute and adorable!

So that’s the loli anime recommendation that you can watch, by watching the behavior of small children or loli anime characters can usually make our mood more fresh and can overcome boredom. Enjoy watching!