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ZOMBIE MAP Event Coupon Code Free 1000 Diamonds Get Rich

ZOMBIE MAP Get Rich Event Coupon Code – Game Line Let’s Get Rich is hosting an event Zombie card opening ceremony after it happened failure and maintenance of the game. Zombie card folder officially published on Get Rich Indonesia. This opening has a huge jackpot prize in the form of 1000 diamonds get rich.

ZOMBIE MAP Event Coupon Code Free 1000 Diamond Get Rich Cover

This event has a time limit from December 18, 2021 to December 31, 2021, so don’t miss it. By participating in this event, you will have the chance to play 1 Diamond Roulette with prizes up to 1000 diamonds.

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Participating in the Zombie Map Celebration event is very easy, just enter the code that not all rich players know because the event did not write the correct code. This code is secret but you can share it with your friends.

To find this Zombie Map Opening Celebration Event, simply enter the menu settings> Scroll down> press coupon> Select Zombie card opening ceremony> And enter code “ZOMBIEMAP

How to follow the event

You will get 1 diamond roulette in the mailbox, when you open it you will have the chance to get 1000 diamonds, the author get 1000 diamonds and a sister got 200 diamonds.

Jackpot Prize 1000 diamonds get rich

Playing Get Rich is not boring, the game always offers surprising jackpot prizes, previously there was a coupon voucher price of 300 diamonds from the Get Rich game update on December 15th.

This is the Zombie Map Bonus 1000 Diamond Coupon Code
which you can follow to get 1000 diamonds
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