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You will receive 830 free diamonds Free Fire by 2021 at the latest

How do I get free diamonds in the open fire – Hi friends, all Free Fire players, on this occasion the admin will share some tips with all of you on how to diamond free fire (FF) free in 2021 that you can try. But first let’s get to know this unique game a little.

Free Fire Battleground, Battle Royale or generally known as FF, is a game application that can only be played on a smartphone, regardless of whether it is Android or iPhone, that can be downloaded for free from the Playstore / Appstore.

This Free Fire game is a survival game where we as players must survive by searching for weapons, equipment, etc. and killing enemies around us to survive among 50 other people.

Playing in the Free Fire game is certainly very exciting and not going to be boring as we will play and meet dozens of other FF players online in one game.

A small capacity size is of course one of the advantages of this one battle royale game application compared to other similar applications like PUBG and several other similar game applications.

Even the Free Fire game is now starting to become one of the best free game applications on the Playstore with a huge number of downloads that is more than 100 million downloads.

This surely proves that the Free Fire game is indeed in high demand by people, especially players of different backgrounds and ages from different regions and countries.

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There are many valuable items or things that players must own in order to support a better game to make the game feel more exciting and fun. One of the free fire items that most players want is diamond.

But diamonds are of course not free here, you have to buy them for real money. This is certainly quite difficult for many players as they have to spend real money just to get this free fire diamond.

However, my friend doesn’t have to worry as we explain how below How do I get free ff diamonds? without an application, you can try to get diamond free fire for free.


After a long search, there is now an interesting website where you can get google play gift cards or credits that you can use to buy diamond free fire for free, which is poinweb. Poinweb is a gift website that offers its members various prizes by collecting points. These points can be exchanged with all operators (Indosat, IM3, Telkomsel, Sympathy, Axis, XL, Smartfren) for Google Play gift cards and credit.

So if you are interested and want to get free diamond free fire, you can try Poinweb and collect the points and then exchange them for Google Play gift cards or credit. This is how you register easily and free of charge with Poinweb.


1. Please enter the poinweb site at first.

2. Then select and click on “Register” in the upper right corner, next to the login to be precise.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Latest Free Fire in 2021 Legal Diamond Charging

3. Then you can choose to log in with Facebook or Twitter.

How To Get Free Diamond Free Fire 2021 Without Cheat / Diamond Free ff Recharge Without Being Illegal

4. Then enter the required personal data such as first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number and create a password. After all the required information has been filled in, click on Register, you will then be asked to confirm by email. You can verify this by entering your email address or Gmail and clicking the confirmation link. Then you have successfully become a member.

Then continue how?

You can collect the points in it. The more points you can earn, the faster you can exchange them for Google Play gift cards or credit. Because with credit or a Google Play gift card voucher, you can buy diamonds for free.

To collect points on Poinweb, there are many possibilities and tasks that were provided by Poinweb itself.

You can collect them by working on action points. These action points include various tasks such as filling out surveys, registering on a web / application and maintaining it for up to several days as needed, installing applications, etc.

Earning points can also be done here through quiz games, if you are lucky you will receive 50,000 points for free. In addition, there are other options, namely by inviting friends to participate, we also receive quite large additional points.


When you have enough points to redeem, you can instantly exchange them by going to the exchanging points section and then selecting the gift you wish to exchange. The minimum score for Google Play gift cards is 200,000 points, while for credit, 27,500 points or impulses are worth 25,000 rupiah.

How to charge diamond free fire ff is not illegal or free without apk

Then how can you buy free diamonds in the open fire?

If you already have a Google Play gift card or balance from poinweb, just enter your free fire game, then go to the Diamond Purchase section and then choose to pay with a Google Play gift card or balance.

When you convert it to a Google Play Gift Card, you will receive $ 10 in credit or the equivalent of Rp. 140,000 rupees. So you can buy two diamonds, that is 310 diamonds and 520 diamonds. This way you will get free ff diamonds for a total of 830 free ff diamonds.

Secure! Now you can get diamond free fire for free. If you have a lot of credit left on your Google Play Gift Card, there are a few more free diamonds you can buy.


Besides using Poinweb to get Google Play coupons or credits that can be used to buy FF diamonds for free, there are many other ways you can get free diamonds in this FF game as well.

Usually there are products, websites or applications that offer free diamond prices at certain events such as Lazada and several other diamond producing websites or applications from FF. Well, for this supplement, there are ways that you can try such as:

– Using the redemption code

For the loyal players of the Free Fire game, the word “redeem code” is of course familiar. Well, the redemption code is a gift from the developer Garena to every player who plays in the game application.

This redemption code was often given away to every player for free by Garena, especially when certain events occurred.

Usually the prizes included in this redemption code are natural arbitrarily Aliases are assigned randomly. Usually the prizes included in this redemption code are free weapons, free skins, bundles and often there are also diamonds as gifts.

Of course, this is the right opportunity for you to get free ff diamonds without having to worry about it. You can attend every featured event and receive the redemption code.

– With site

In addition, we can also get free ff diamonds by using a ff diamond generator website. Well the site is

We can use the website to get free diamonds without having to use real money to top up diamonds.

You can try this method as well, but of course there are conditions that may apply. So, you might as well consider using this method to get diamond ff.

So now you know how to top up Diamond ff for free?

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That’s all a quick explanation of how to get diamond free fire for free that you can try right away. Hopefully this information can be useful to those of you who want to get free diamonds. Much luck.

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