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Who Says Pistols Are Useless? Here's the Trick Using Handgun in Free Fire!

Who Says Pistols Are Useless?  Here's the Trick Using Handgun in Free Fire!

In Free Fire, the handgun is one of the weapons that most players often forget. But if you know the Free Fire trick using Handgun, you can become an expert!

If you understand how to use a handgun, this weapon can actually be your best friend in certain situations, you know!

Do not believe? Samuel XCIII will give some tricks using a handgun in Free Fire that are powerful!

1 Best Friend in Early Game!

When you first land, you will often find handguns scattered everywhere. However, don’t ever miss it and try to find another weapon!

This is because the handgun is also able to finish off enemies at the beginning of the game quite quickly, especially if they haven’t got any weapons.

As much as possible, don’t miss a gun if you find one.

2 Use it to finish off enemies that are already down

Enemies who have fallen or are down are unable to do anything but move at a low speed.

Handguns can be used to kill down enemies without having to use primary weapons so that your bullets can be saved for the late game.

In addition, you can trick the enemy into thinking you don’t have the primary bullet anymore so use a handgun!

3 Changing to Handgun is faster than Reload

This is what you must know about handguns. Changing weapons to handguns is much faster than waiting for a reload!

For other shooter game players, this fact is already common knowledge. However, for those who don’t know by changing to a handgun, you can surprise the enemy because you can shoot when you should be reloading.

Handguns can also be used to open battles to lower enemy defenses. When the enemy tries to approach you because they think they don’t have other weapons, you can switch to primary and finish them off!

In addition, the handgun can also be paired with a sniper to surprise enemies at close range!

Those are some tricks to use a handgun in Free Fire! So you still think these little guns are useless?


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