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What is Zipline FF and tips on how to use it

What is Zipline FF? This question is often asked on social media, especially for free fire game lovers. Although this feature has been around for a long time, it has recently become a hot topic of discussion. For those who don’t understand about zipline free fire, please refer to the review compiled by the pdscustom team below.

Free fire games do offer exciting adventures in a large area. You can choose a number of available maps such as kaahari, purgatory, bermuda etc. To move from one point to another there are a number of tools in the form of vehicles such as jeeps, motorcycles, sports cars, etc. In addition there is also one feature that is in the form of a zipline.

What is Zipline FF
What is Zipline FF

By using a zipline, we can move from one place to another quite quickly. But of course you are not the only one who uses the zipline, so there are often fierce battles there.

What is Zipline FF (Free Fire) ?

Zipline in the real world is an extreme game like flying fox where we can slide at high speed and also from a high altitude too. But keep in mind that zipline and flying fox are two different things, even though they look the same. Zip line has a winding path and is more challenging. That’s why this game is also often called a manual roller coaster.

Generally, zip lines are installed in high places such as cliffs, waterfalls, mountains and others. We can feel the tension while enjoying the surrounding natural scenery. One example that exists in Indonesia is in the Bedugul forest, Bali.

Not much different from Zipline free fire, where you can slide from one point to another. By using this feature, of course you can move quickly without having to run or find a vehicle first. Just don’t be seen by the enemy, because you will be pinned down and helpless. If you have to jump then there is a chance of dying if it is too high.

Tips for Using Zipline Free Fire

Actually, how to use this ff zipline is very easy, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to to be safe. Here are some of them

  • Pay Attention Around
    When you want to ride the zipline, please check the surroundings first whether there are enemies or not. If you use a headset, it’s certainly better because you can hear if there are footsteps. If you are reckless, you can get shot at right away when you slide. Therefore, before going up, pay attention to the surroundings to make sure there are no enemies lurking.
  • View Map
    You can also pay attention to the map first, whether there are enemies or battles that are visible on the map.
  • Check Zipline Status
    Before boarding, please check whether there is a landmine or not. If you find a landmine, then at the end of the zipline it is also possible that the enemy will install a landmine.

That was the explanation of what the FF zipline is and tips for using it to be safe from traps and enemy snooping. How is it clear or is there still something you don’t understand? if you have a question just write it in the comments column.

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