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What is Wi-Fi? This is the Definition, Function, and How WiFi Works

Understanding Wi-Fi
WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity which is a technology to exchange data or communicate wirelessly between electronic devices.

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Wi-Fi Function

Connecting devices in the network
Wi-Fi connects all connected devices on the network so that they can communicate with each other without having to connect to the internet. For example Computer A can send data to computer B as long as it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Connecting to the Internet
Wi-Fi networks are usually connected to the internet and allow their users to access web pages.

Stable Internet Speed
Private Wi-Fi networks are usually faster and more stable because they are used by the community itself. Public Wi-Fi in cafes is usually also fast enough to access web pages, unlike the use of data plans where sometimes the signal is lost and the speed is less stable.

Save on Data Packages
Using free public Wi-Fi can save on data plans, especially when downloading or downloading large amounts of files / games / data.

How Wi-Fi Works
Wi-Fi networks generally use radio signals to transmit data / information into the network. Wi-Fi works in two directions, namely as a data sender to the internet and a data receiver from the internet.

Advantages of Wi-Fi

Fast and Stable
Wi-Fi has a fairly high speed in accessing the internet. The speed is stable and does not rise and fall significantly.

Simple, No Cables Required
Wi-Fi is simple because you don’t need to use a cable so you don’t have to worry about managing and maintaining lots of cables, you only need to take care of the router and cable when you subscribe at home or work.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi Less Secure
Public Wi-Fi is usually less secure because it is used by many people where other people can intercept data traffic that we access on the internet through the same Wi-Fi network.

Public Wi-Fi Slows Sometimes
Not all places have high Wi-Fi speeds. There is also a Wi-Fi speed that is very slow and almost impossible to open even light web pages.

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