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What is a Hard Drive? The following is the definition and function of a hard disk on a computer

Understanding Hard Disk
Hard disk is a computer component that functions as a data storage medium. Usually, every computer today has at least 1 hard disk to store all files or data on that computer.

Hard Disk Functions on a Computer
The hard disk on a computer serves to store various kinds of data so that later the data can be opened again for processing or just viewing. Here are some functions of hard disk storage.

1. Save the Operating System / OS (Operating System)
The operating system that we use, be it Windows, Linux, or other OS is stored on the hard disk, so without a hard disk, it is impossible for us to enter the operating system and do many things.

2. Saving Documents
Documents that we do either in the form of words or numbers are also stored on the hard disk.

3. Save Media (Pictures, Music, Songs)
When we draw using software and save it, the image will also be stored on the hard disk. For workers or freelancers in the creative field, they will need a hard disk with a large capacity because usually videos, music, or pictures take up quite a large hard disk resource.

4. Saving Database
Databases used by various applications and servers around the world are also stored on the hard disk.

5. Save Software and Settings (Including Applications and Games)
Software or games that we usually use, both small and large software or games, are all stored on the hard disk. Usually, for gamers who play large games or online games with high graphics, a hard disk has been provided that can read and write faster than a hard disk.

Hard Disk Type

Internal Hard Disk is usually located inside the CPU and is connected directly to the Motherboard. This internal hard disk will always be used and read every time we turn on the computer.

External hard disks usually function as backup media or temporary storage to move data to other devices or computers.

Hard Disk Maintenance Tips

Keep Away From Water or Liquid
Avoid placing the hard drive in a place of water or close to water because the hard drive is not waterproof and can be damaged easily when water enters the components. If that happens, the hard disk may become unreadable and all its data will be lost instantly.

Do not Remove Hard Disk while reading data
When the hard disk is working such as reading or processing data, then do not try to remove it forcibly because it can make the hard disk error or permanently damaged.

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