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Watch your Tower! These are the 6 Best Split Push Heroes in Mobile Legends

Watch your Tower!  These are the 6 Best Split Push Heroes in Mobile Legends

Split push is one of the strategies in MOBA games like Mobile Legends. This strategy is usually used when the team is in a losing state because it makes a comeback if the enemy ignores the hero who is split push. This time, Dunia Games will discuss the six best split pusher heroes in Mobile Legends. Let’s take a good look.


Zilong Mobile Legends

It is no longer a secret that Zilong is a hero who can do split push very well. He has a large attack speed to destroy the tower quickly, and a very high movement speed so he can escape from the pursuit of enemies who are protecting the tower.

Zilong is also strong enough to deal with an enemy who is protecting his tower. That’s the reason why Zilong is the best choice for this split push strategy.


Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Then next there is Hayabusa. Even though he doesn’t have Zilong’s attack speed, Hayabusa can still do a good split push because he can clear a lot of minions very quickly. Hayabusa also has very high mobility, allowing him to move from place to place in a short time. This mobility makes Hayabusa difficult to deal with when he is doing a split push.


Aldous Mobile Legends

Aldous is a hero who has very high burst damage in Mobile Legends. Even so high, Aldous can kill marksman in just one attack, as well as towers. Even though he can’t destroy it in one hit, Aldous can still drain max HP from the tower quickly.

Aldous can also counter the enemy who is doing a split push by using his ultimate skill that can chase the enemy in a very short time, no need to recall or walk.


Natalia Mobile Legends

Next is Natalia, an assassin who can disappear in Mobile Legends. He can disappear and sneak into the opponent’s tower without being noticed by the opponent. Natalia has an attack speed that is high enough to be able to destroy the tower quickly.

Not only that, Natalia can also give a silence effect that makes the tower unable to attack within a few seconds and Natalia has a skill that makes her immune from tower attacks for a while.


Helcurt Mobile Legends

Helcurt is an assassin who can blind the enemy’s sight for a moment. When the enemy can’t see anything, Helcurt can do many things like kill the enemy or do a split push because the enemy won’t notice.


Bane Mobile Legends

The last one is Bane. Even though his appearance is quite cute and adorable, Bane has the ability to attack the tower using his ultimate skill, you guys. This skill makes Bane not need to approach the tower to attack him, and he can also clean up the minions around his ultimate skill.

Those were some of the best split pusher heroes in Mobile Legends. Which one do you think is the best? Follow Dunia Games social media to get interesting articles about Mobile Legends and other games.

Source: DuniaGames

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