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Villager Types and Jobs in Minecraft PE (Update)

Before the villager and pilager update. In Minecraft PE there are 6 types of villager with different clothing colors. Where each color of clothing except purple and green represents several jobs. For example, farmer and fisherman, they have the same clothing color, namely brown.


However, after the arrival of the villager and pilager update v1.9. Making the villager get interesting and more detailed changes. Starting from each type of attribute or clothing the villager used only represents one job but has color variants in each biome until the villager also has a work location and their respective schedules.

This makes it easier to trade with villagers if you already know the types and occupations because now there are a total of 15 types of villages with 2 of them without jobs. And here is an explanation of the 15 villagers after the villager and pilager update.

15 Types and Jobs of Villagers in Minecraft PE

1. Farmer (Farmer)

First there is the farmer, the villager who is often seen the most in the village. Now the farmer has a special characteristic, namely using a straw hat. composter as well as harvesting and planting in the fields.If you have a harvest and want to get a lot emerald or food can trade it with the farmer.

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2. Fisherman (Fisherman)

Almost similar to the farmer, fisherman also uses a hat but with a smaller size and a little brown. They are sometimes seen standing on the dock. And for fisherman’s work locations are barrel.When you want to have fishing rod already enchanted. You can trade with fisherman. Likewise with catches, you can trade with emeralds.

3. Fletcher (Arrow Maker)

The next type of villager is the fletcher. With a hat with feathers and a quiver attached to its back, now fletchers look like hunters. Although we never see them hunting because they have a job location in fletching table as well as trading all bows (except lucky enchanted) and arrows.

4. Shepherd (shepherd)

Shepherd is the next villager to wear a hat but they also wear white robes. Shepherd has a job location in loom who usually stay at home with a sheep farm behind them. They accept dyes to trade with emeralds. Vice versa they receive emeralds to trade items such as scissors, banners, and painting.

5. Butcher (Butcher)

This villager is characterized by wearing a red headband and a white apron with his work location, namely smoker.When you want to have a lot of cooked meat but are lazy to cook it. You can trade with butchers because apart from emeralds most of the items traded are cooked meat.

6. Leatherworker (Leather Craftsman)

Wearing a brown apron and gloves, the leatherworker is a villager who trades items dealing with leather such as leather armor already colored. They work in couldron usually outside the home.

7. Librarian (Librarian)

At first glance, the librarian looks like he is wearing glasses and a hat, but when he looks closer, it turns out that it is not a real hat but a book that is used as a hat. lectern which is in the village library. However, librarians are sometimes seen checking the bookshelf. While items traded by librarians are still related to books such as enchanted book.

8. Cartographer (cartographer)

Having the same clothing color as the Librarian in the previous version, now cartographers have a more attractive appearance according to Gamelmites than other types of villagers because cartographers now wear monocles. They have a work location in cartography table and trade items like explore map as well as ingredients banners.

9. Cleric (Pastor)

Not much different from the previous version, the cleric is still purple. It can be seen from his purple robe. Likewise with the trade items you can still get bottle o’ enchantingAs for the work location in the village, you can find it in the highest building or a house that is quite spacious and located on the lower floor, namely at brewing stand.

10. Armor (Armor Maker)

The armorer used the welding mask on his head as his new look and worked on blast furnace the ones used to be in quite large houses with chimneys or outdoors. They traded ordinary armor up to diamond armor already enchanted.

11. Tool Smith (Tool Maker)

As the name implies tool smith trades equipment such as axe, hoe, or pickaxe.Starting from ordinary to enchanted. Whereas now they only use brown aprons. Then, the smite tool work place is smithing table.

12. Weapon Smith (Weapon Maker)

Like tool smiths, now weapon smiths also use brown aprons but they use black gloves and blindfolds as a differentiator. The working location of the weapon smith is grindstone.They trade weaponry from ordinary to enchanted like enchanted swords.

13. Stone Masons (Stone Craftsman)

Stone masons are a new type of villager occupation. They are characterized by wearing black aprons and gloves and are located in stonecutter.When you have a lot of useless mined stones, you can make them emerald by trading to stone masons. In addition, stone masons also trade polished stones such as terracotta.

14. Unemployment

As the name suggests, these villagers don’t have jobs. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t work forever because when there are vacant job locations, the unemployed will take them and work according to the vacant job location. on.

15. Twitter

Lastly, on Nitwit, there is no significant change in these villagers. They still wear green clothes, don’t work, cannot trade and have a long sleep compared to villagers who have jobs.

Well, that’s the type and job of the villager after the villager and pilager update that makes the appearance and behavior of the villager more attractive, of course.

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