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Villager Types and Jobs in Minecraft PE

Villagers are NPCs (Non Player Characters) in the Minecraft game who are always in the village. They will not attack, but they will run from the zombies and hide in the house at night. Because if the zombies kill the villager they will die or turn into a human zombie. village when playing in hard level.


For you crafters, of course you already know the characteristics of a villager, don’t they. Yep, they have noses like Squidward and wear different colors of clothes. The colors of the clothes are not only sweeteners but symbolize work in the village. Although we have never seen them work unless they matched In addition, we can also trade or exchange items with villagers according to their work.

There are at least 6 types of villagers in Minecraft PE who have their respective jobs. And here is a discussion of the 6 types and occupations of villagers in Minecraft PE.

6 Types and Jobs of Villagers in Minecraft PE

1. Villager Brown Shirt

Villagers with the characteristics of wearing brown clothes are very common villagers who can be found in every village. This villager is divided into 4 types of work, namely:

Farmer (Farmer)

It is villagers who are the only type of work that is seen doing harvesting and planting work. They receive crops to trade with emeralds and vice versa the emeralds that we have can be traded back with food such as peas, pumpkins, cookies and cakes.

Fisherman (Fisherman)

The type of work of the villager in brown is related to fishing. Where can we trade fishing rod which has been enchanted with this villager.

Shepherd (shepherd)

With the shepherd type villager, you can trade wool and emeralds which can later be exchanged for colored wool.

Fletcher (Arrow Maker)

The last type of occupation of the villager in brown is Fletcher. They trade arc and arrows with emeralds.

2. Villager in White

A villager in white is a villager who has a job as a Librarian (librarian) and there are also those who work as Cartographer (Cartographers). They usually live in the village library. You can trade paper with this type of villager to get emeralds which you can later trade with echanted book to Librarian or explore map to the Cartographer.

3. Purple Shirt Villager

The next villager is the third common villager that can be found in the village and becomes a villager with only one job, namely Cleric (Priests). They use purple clothes as their trademark and trade emeralds with xp-enhancing magic bottles (Bottle O’ Enchanting).

4. Villager Brown Shirt Black Apron

Wearing brown clothes and a black apron, this villager is better known as a blacksmith or blacksmith. They are divided into 3 types of work, namely Weapon Smith, Tool Smith, and Armorer.Weapon Smith (Weapon Maker) is a villager who manages weapons and trades weapons such as diamond axes and enchanted swords. Tool Smith (Tool Maker) takes care of equipment and trades diamonds with tools such as the enchanted diamond pickaxe, shovel, and hoe. And the last blacksmith Armor (Armor makers), they take care of armor and trade armor from diamond boots to helmets that have also been enchanted.

5. Villager Brown Shirt White Apron

The villager in this outfit is like a villager in white who is only divided into 2 types of work, namely Butcher (Butcher) and Leatherworker (Leather Craftsmen). Where with Butcher you can trade raw meat from hunting and livestock with emerald or vice versa with emerald meat which is ripe. As for Leatherworker you can trade emeralds with items that cannot be made until now, namely saddle.

6. Villager in Green Shirt

The last type of villager is wearing a green shirt and has a name nitwit which means stupid people. Because this type of villager is useless, neither has a job nor does he trade.