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Various data protection security functions in Line Messenger

Privacy Line Messenger security features – In the world of internet, privacy security is very important to keep our accounts safe from people who are fashionable / evil.
And this time the author will share the security features on Line
which won’t be active if we haven’t bet.

Various Data Protection Security Features In Line Messenger Coverage

The privacy of our line account is preserved if you activate the data protection security function in the line messenger. Not just one security feature, there are several privacy security features that the author will discuss in this article to help you feel comfortable and secure on social media.

Since Line is a popular messenger application, it must have many users as this application has many functions. Besides the privacy security function, there are also sticker functions, theme functions, free calling functions, free video calling functions, and others.

If your version of Line is not the latest, update to the latest version of Line Messenger first so that it looks the same in the security settings.

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Various data protection security functions in Line Messenger

A. Password lock

The function of the passcode lock is to lock your Line application with a code / password. So if friends or relatives want to open your Line to view the content or want to hijack your Line, they can’t because they will have to open the password you created.

Password lock line

The method : Call up the menu settings>privacy then tick “password protection“Then create a password.

B. Reject messages / filter messages

Reject messages is used to prohibit people who are not online friends from sending chat messages to our account.

Message Line Filters

The method : Enter settings>privacy then tick “Filter messages

C. Public User ID

If you do not want to be found with other people using the search ID, you can use the Private User ID function.

public user ID

The method : Enter settings> Then deactivate “Allow others to add by ID“and if you want other people to find you using the search ID, check again”Allow others to add by ID

D. Allow new friends

By using this feature to prevent other people from adding your line account as a friend.

Allow new friends

The method : Enter settings>privacy>Timeline & Home Page> then disable “Allow new friends“And when other people allow you to add new friends, double-check.”Allow new friends

E. Privacy Settings Timeline

If you want to restrict friends who can see the contents of your timeline, you can use the “Privacy timeline. “

Privacy settings timeline

The method: Enter settings>Timeline>Privacy settings> Select the friends you want to restrict.

F. Hidden list of timeline

If you don’t want to see your friends’ content, which is filled with unimportant words from friends you don’t know and which is constantly updated, then you can hide it.

Timeline hidden list

The method : Enter Timeline menu Find the timeline of unwanted friends, touch and hold for a few seconds. A new menu will appear. Choose “Hide from the timeline“or hide it from the timeline.
If you want to view it again, enter settings>Timeline> “Timeline hidden list“or hidden user timeline, there is a list of timelines that you can hide to show them again, select”Demonstrate“or show.

G. Blocking and Unblocking Users

Sometimes we get angry with a friend, you can block that friend

Block and unblock user line

The method : Go to the friends list> touch and hold the friend you want to block for a few seconds. A new menu will appear. Choose “block
When you want to unblock a friend The method : Enter settings>friend> “Blocked users“Select the friend you want to unblock, choose To edit And “Unlock

H. Remove friend

You can delete unwanted friends by blocking them first.
The method : Select the friend you want to delete by touching for a few seconds until a new menu pops up and select “Block”, Enter settings>friend>Blocked users> Select the friend you want to delete To edit>Clear

I. Hidden friend

You can hide your friends list with this feature, sometimes our friends list is too much and it confuses us and our friends change their name. You can hide some of your friends that you don’t want to see without blocking or deleting them.
The method: Select a friend and hold for a few seconds until a new menu appears select “Hide“” hidden”.
To return it log in settings>friends>Hidden userSelect s> To edit>advertisement

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This is a collection of data protection security functions in Line Messenger
Hope you are familiar with Line Messenger with this article.

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