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Using Two ARs on Garena Free Fire? No problem! Here's the trick

Using Two ARs on Garena Free Fire?  No problem!  Here's the trick

Using two weapons in Free Fire with the same class will usually be very risky, but not with Assault or AR weapon classes.

You can use two AR weapons at once, aka not using other weapon classes. But there are a few tricks you have to do!

Use Two Different Weapons

The first is to use two different weapons even though they are both AR class. The relationship is with the shooting range.

One weapon for close-medium range, and one medium-long range. For example, the combination of Famas and SKS, or M60 with M4A1.

By using two different weapons, you can adjust your use according to the combat distance between you and the enemy.

Paloma Character Skills

Next is to use the Paloma character skill, namely Arms-dealing. This skill is very synergistic with the use of AR type weapons.

Arms-dealing will allow you to carry AR bullets without reducing bag capacity based on skill level.

The higher Paloma’s skill level, the more AR bullets you can carry without reducing the capacity of the bag.

Define Role

Next is to determine the role in the game. So rusher might be able to, but it will be risky because the movement using AR will be slower than using SMG.

But you can also work around this by bringing melee when moving, but it will take more time when you meet the enemy and you have to be quick to change weapons to AR again.

Being a semi sniper or support can be a good choice if you get SKS, because the visibility is quite far with a x4 scope.

One more thing that must be considered when using two AR types of weapons in the Free Fire game is to make sure to pair the maximum attachments and complete the luggage with other utility items!


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