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Understanding and Positive / Negative Impacts of Playing Online Games

Understanding Online Games
Online games are one type of game that utilizes the internet network to be played. Online games are usually played by many people where the players can meet in the game and play together. Currently, online games can not only be played on PCs / Computers / Laptops but also on our Android and iOS Smartphones. Examples of mobile online games that are popular today are PUBG and Mobile Legends.

Positive Impact of Playing Online Games

Add friend
In playing online games, we can meet many people and get to know them.

Practice Patience and Thinking Speed
In online games, of course, there are various difficulties that must be faced or puzzles that make us confused and have to solve them. It can train our patience and our ability to think quickly.

Reduce Stress
The feeling of stress, boredom, or fatigue that arises from having spent hours studying at school or working in the office can be forgotten instantly when playing games with friends because the games played are so fun.

Make money
Certain in-game items can be traded so that they can become additional pocket money.

Negative Impact of Playing Online Games

For some people, online gaming is something that is very interesting and can’t even be abandoned. The longer they play, the more addicted they become and cannot stop, like a magnet that attracts iron and cannot be released.

Laziness and Anti-Social
Too busy playing games can make you forget the time and also lazy to study. Sometimes because it’s too fun to play games, someone doesn’t care about the people around them and prefers the game.

Health problems
Playing games must also consider health, especially eye health. Rest your eyes for some time after about 30 minutes of playing, if necessary, use eye drops to prevent dry or sore eyes. In addition, do not forget to exercise also to maintain fitness and health of the whole body.

Time-consuming and unproductive
Not everyone can make money from games, most of them are just having fun and there are also those who play a game to the point of spending so much of their productive time that it can actually be used to create or learn something new.

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