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Types of Dark Spells and Their Functions in Clash of Clans

Previously I’ve posted about ordinary Spells made at the Spell Factory. Now, for this post, I just need to discuss about Spells in Dark Factory or Dark Spells.

Types of Spell-COC

Dark Spells are Spells made with Dark Elixir which have less storage, namely one and allow us to make more Spells with a build time that is not too long 3 minutes.

Here are the Spells in Dark Factory and their uses.

• Poison Spell

The first spell that we can make after building a Dark Spell Factory or rather on TH 8. The use of this Spell is to help us when fighting enemy CC troops, because the effect makes CC troops like confusion and slow when attacking. This Poison Spell is very effective and can kill a group of people. skeletons at once.


• Earthquake Spell (Earthquake Spell)

The Enrthquake Spell will be unlocked and can be created after upgrading the Dark Spell Factory to level 2. This spell which is often combined with the Lightning Spell will be more effective if used to attack high-level Walls. The damage generated from 4 Enrthquake Spells will be able to destroy the Wall which later creates a path for our troops during the attack.


• Haste Spell (Agile Spell)

This purple spell will be unlocked and can be made after increasing the Dark Spell Factory to level 3. The Haste Spell is almost similar to the Rage Spell which both increases the speed of troops, but not for damage. This spell is very effective for slow troops like Ballon.


• Skeleton Spell (Skeleton Spell)

It is a spell that we can make in the Dark Spell Factory after increasing it to level 4. This spell will issue a swarm of skeletons where this spell is dropped. In addition, this Spell can also be dropped in the middle of the base, but will have no effect or provoke the release of CC troops.


• Bat Spell (Bat Spell)

The last one is the Bat Spell which was just added on November 10, 2021. This spell is almost the same as the Skeleton Spell that can issue or summon Skeletons, while the Bat Spell will issue a Bat (Bat) which will directly attack the defense as its main target. This spell will also not The effect is to provoke CC troops. Bat Spells can be made after increasing the Spell Factory to level 5 at TH 10.

Well, those are the types of Spells that we can make in Dark Spell Factory and their functions.

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